PACE Evacuation Toolbox

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Stored on each unit, the toolbox contents help orchestrate the coordination of evacuee assessment, movement, and tracking for up to 25 evacuees on a particular floor/department.



The PACE Evacuation Toolbox is an organized set of essential tools that helps staff ready their evacuees and prepare their floor/unit for evacuation. Every area needs to be ready for evacuation in order to support incident management and to safely and efficiently accomplish the evacuation procedure.

Stored on each unit, the toolbox's evacuation equipment helps orchestrate the coordination of evacuee assessment, movement, and tracking for up to 25 people on a particular floor/department. Constructed from the best practices of emergency management evacuation procedures for evacuee assessment, resource allocation, and organization, this toolbox standardizes a facility's response effort and includes items that focus on three key elements: evacuee preparation, incident management, and evacuation support. The PACE Evacuation Toolbox will become an integrated part of your building evacuation plan.

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Available As

  • PACE Evacuation Toolbox (IC3000)


PACE Evacuation Toolbox (IC3000)

One water-resistant, corrugated plastic toolbox with the following supplies:

  • Evacuee Preparation Supplies
    • Evacuation Go-Pouch™ (25) - Includes the tools needed to record an evacuee assessment and secure vital records, pharmaceuticals, and supplies during transport.
      • Go-Pouch Clip – Attaches the pouch to the evacuee’s clothing so it isn’t misplaced during transport.
      • Medication Transfer Bag – For keeping medication with the evacuee.
      • Mobility Level Wristbands – Identifies evacuee's mobility level for movement.
      • Evacuation Assessment Door Sign – Indicates evacuee assessment has been completed.
    • Evacuee Information & Tracking Forms (1 set of 25) - Duplicate form for recording assessment and transportation information for an evacuation.
    • Evacuation Door Sign (25) – Signals to responders that a room has been inspected and cleared of people. Strong cling that will stick to doors without leaving permanent markings.

  • Incident Management Supplies
  • Support Supplies
    • Caution Tape (300' roll) – Use to restrict an area, limit access by non-emergency personnel, etc.
    • Clipboards (6) – Provide to staff assigned to the evacuation team.
    • Duct Tape (1 roll) – Endless applications including securing equipment, making unplanned repairs, etc.
    • Equipment Tracking Labels (2 sheets) – Complete and attach to equipment and supplies leaving the unit/department so they are returned to the proper location.
    • Glow Light Sticks-Green (25) – Can be used to track an evacuee (attach to their garment), identify staff, mark an exit path, etc.
      • Store in a controlled environment between 55–85 degrees
      • Exhibits full glow intensity up to 12 months
      • Replace glow sticks after 15 months to ensure readiness
    • Pens (12) – Use to complete forms and appropriate documentation.
    • Permanent Markers (2) – Use to customize the blank Evacuation Group Vests.
    • Safety Seals (5) – Secures lid of toolbox, indicating that the kit is appropriately stocked and ready.
    • Wax Pencils (4) – Use them to mark equipment, make notes on glass windows etc. Will not leave permanent markings.

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