Glow Light Sticks - Green

SKU: #RP4710

Light up the dark with these green glow sticks.



These green light sticks glow for 8-12 hours, providing a light source for many different situations. They can be used to mark an exit path, track patients, identify staff, and more. An attached hook allows for hanging from clothing, equipment, etc. To activate the glow stick, simply snap and shake it.

Available As

  • Glow Light Sticks - Green (RP4710)


Glow Light Sticks - Green (RP4710)

  • Measures approximately 6 inches long by 1.5 cm in diameter
  • Glows once for 8-12 hours
  • Each glow stick comes with a pre-attached hook, which can be used to hang the stick
  • RP4710 should be stored in a controlled environment between 55–85 degrees
  • Product will exhibit full glow intensity up to 12 months
  • Product should be replaced after 15 months to ensure readiness


  • 25 light sticks