Patient Evacuation Go-Pouch

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Includes the tools needed to record a patient assessment and secure a patient's vital records, pharmaceuticals, and supplies during transport.

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The Patient Evacuation Go-Pouch is a versatile, self-contained system designed to be used by staff to assess and prepare patients for evacuation. The Go-Pouch contains and secures vital patient information, medication, and supplies that can be tethered to the patient during transport.

The Patient Evacuation Go-Pouch includes mobility-level wristbands to aid triage and resource allocation decisions, and door signage to communicate patient mobility status. A pack of 25 Patient Information & Tracking Forms is included in each set.

Available As

  • Patient Evacuation Go-Pouch (IC3004)


Patient Evacuation Go-Pouch (IC3004)

  • Tear and water resistant Tyvek pouch with clear window on front to hold Patient Information & Tracking Form
  • String & Button Closure
  • 15" tall x 10" wide with a 2” gusset for holding important documents
  • Inside each Go-Pouch:
    • Go-Pouch Clip – Attaches the pouch to the patient so it isn’t misplaced during transport.
    • Medication Transfer Bag – Keeps medication with patient.
    • Mobility Level Wristbands (IC3007) – Identifies patient mobility level for patient movement.
    • Patient Assessment Door Sign (IC3003) – Indicates patient assessment has been completed.
  • One pack of 25 Patient Information & Tracking Forms (IC3005) - Records vital information from initial assessment to the point of departure.


  • 25 Go-Pouches
  • 25 Patient Information & Tracking Forms

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