HICS Vests - Evacuation Branch & Group

SKU: #IC3050|IC3051

Easily identify Evacuation Group & Branch team members with these identification vests.

$72.92 - $304.88


These HICS style vests identify evacuation incident management positions for a particular unit/department. The position names are printed on both the front and the back with a reflective strip sewn on both sides. These identification vests are constructed of a non-woven, breathable synthetic material, making them durable enough for repeat use, but economical enough to dispose of. All vests have easy to fasten side straps and a convenient front pocket.

Available As

  • HICS Vests – Evacuation Group (IC3050)
  • HICS Vests – Evacuation Branch (IC3051)


HICS Vests – Evacuation Group (IC3050)

  • Evacuation Group Vest Titles:
    • Evacuation Group Supervisor (1)
    • Horizontal Movement Team Leader (2)
    • Holding Area Team Leader (3)
  • 5 blank vests to write on for customized position identification
  • 11 total vests

HICS Vests – Evacuation Branch (IC3051)

  • Evacuation Branch Vest Titles:
    • Evacuation Branch Director (1)
    • Elevator Control Officer (2)
    • Vertical Movement Unit Leader (1)
    • Vertical Movement Team Leader (5)
    • Horizontal Movement Unit Leader (3)
    • Patient Holding Unit Leader (3)
    • Patient Loading Unit Leader (1)
    • Patient Loading Team Leader (4)
    • Tracking/Accountability Unit Leader (1)
    • Tracking/Accountability Team Leader (4)
    • Equipment Loading Team Leader (2)
    • PHAST (Physician Assessment Strike Team) (4)
  • 15 blank vests to write on for customized position identification
  • 46 total vests
  • Vest set comes with a black canvas tote bag labeled “HICS Vests – Evacuation Branch” for portability and storage