Sentry Shield® EP - Law Enforcement Defense Kit

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Extra protection kits for a moderate exposure response where hazardous substances may be present.

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Job hazards for law enforcement professionals are increasing dramatically in the United States, which can impact the safety and health of those we trust to protect our communities. Unknown powdered substances should be treated with extreme caution as exposure to a small amount of certain substances, like fentanyl, can lead to significant health-related complications, respiratory depression, or death.

The Sentry Shield EP is an Extra Protection kit that provides increased moderate protection when powdered substance hazards may be present.  The full coverall kit with goggles P100 respirator and two pair of nitrile gloves provides the greatest protection of all the Sentry Shield kits. For higher threat levels additional respirator protection may be required.

The Sentry Shield line of personal protective kits protects law enforcement officers and first responders from unknown powder substances that could be hazardous like fentanyl, carfentanil, or other powerful opioid-based substances.  These personal protection kits range in coverage: Quick Protection (QP)Standard Protection (SP), and Extra Protection (EP) and are based on the severity of exposure levels responders may encounter. 

In all situations, employers must identify hazards to which their workers might be exposed and provide appropriate PPE to protect them.

Available As

  • Sentry Shield EP - Law Enforcement Defense Kit (LE4040)


Sentry Shield EP - Law Enforcement Defense Kit (LE4040)

  • For an increased moderate exposure response where suspected opioid materials may be present.
  • Use examples include investigations, evidence collection, and for staff in the warm zone.
  • Configuration based on the recommendations of the National Institutes of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Interagency Board.
  • TAA compliant or other custom accommodations available.
  • Available sizes: M - 4XL (contact us for additional size availability).
  • Kit contents not made with natural rubber latex.

Each Sentry Shield EP Kit Contains:


  • One suit kit