DuPont Tyvek Slip-Resistant Boot Covers

SKU: #HM1271

Disposable boot cover made from Tyvek 400 FC - Exclusive DuPont Tyvek protective fabric with a skid-resistant friction coating. Box of 50 pair.



DuPont Tyvek 400 FC material provides inherent barrier protection against hazardous dry particles, aerosols and non-hazardous light liquid splash. These Tyvek boot covers have a slip-resistant coating that provides improved traction and durability over a wider range of surface conditions. The 18" height provides ample overlap with protective coverall at ankles.

What is Tyvek? - Tyvek is a strong and uniform spunbond polyethylene non woven material that filters particle contaminants without the use of an outer laminate that can wear away. Even after surface abrasion, Tyvek material provides consistently better protection than microporous laminates.

Available As

  • DuPont™ Tyvek® Slip-Resistant Boot Covers (HM1271)


DuPont Tyvek Slip-Resistant Boot Covers (HM1271)

  • 18" high slip on boot covers have an elastic top with coverage up to the calf
  • Slip resistant covers have Tyvek 400 FC material with skid-resistant coating
  • Applications: Hazardous abatement, general maintenance/ dirty jobs, painting and coatings 
  • Filters particles down to 1.0 micron
  • Elastic opening
  • One size fits most
  • Fabric: Tyvek® 400 FC
  • Seam: Serged bottom sole seam
  • Color: Gray
  • Model #: FC454S


  • One case of 100 (50 pair)

Additional Info

PPE Return Policy: Due to the hazardous nature of using personal protective equipment, this product is not eligible for return.

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