Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System

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A quick and efficient system for patient decontamination, perfectly suited for the practical needs of a neighborhood micro-hospital or stand alone ER.



Hazardous materials are consistently going in and out of our communities. Micro-hospitals and freestanding emergency rooms provide convenient locations and 24/7 access for patients seeking alternatives to hospital emergency departments. These healthcare facilities need emergency preparedness supplies on hand to prepare for potentially hazardous situations. Does your risk assessment include an unexpected influx of patients with hazardous material exposure? Be prepared to address chemical and biological decontamination with the Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System.

Micro-hospitals and freestanding ERs need the capability to handle a small number of contaminated patients should an event arise. The Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System provides a simple, professional, and affordable approach to patient decontamination. This reusable decontamination system is quick to set up and easily stored in a small closet.

The Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System includes supplies for:

  • Setting up a private decontamination area
  • Managing water for going through the shower and pumping wastewater into the holding tank
  • Disrobing and thoroughly decontaminating the patient
  • Organizing supplies in storage to be ready for the next event

Available As

  • Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System (HMK1090)


Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System (HMK1090)

  • Small storage footprint: Unassembled dimensions 65” x 34” x 26”
  • Dimensions for total assembled decon system area (approx.): 100” x 120” x 90”
  • Approximate set up time is less than 5 minutes (complete area based on two trained staff members)


One Micro-Hospital Patient Decontamination System (HMK1090) includes the following equipment and supplies:

  • Shower System
    • Decono Shower
      • Cost-effective, ultra-light alternative to full size showers, designed for limited-space or field applications
      • Single water inlet: standard garden hose
      • Two adjustable shower heads
      • Total output: 5.5 gpm (4.2 gpm from top and 1.3 gpm from middle)
      • Meets flow rates, spray pattern, and other performance characteristics set by the ANSI/ISEA 113-2013 standard.
      • Dimensions (shower system only): assembled 60” x 60” x 90”, unassembled 12” x 22” x 41”
    • Flexible Containment Pool - 5'x5'x4" - 22 oz small, economical pool for use in decon and spill operations.
    • Elevation Grids (Qty 2 single layer) - Prevents patients and staff from standing in contaminated water during decontamination.
    • Sandbags (Qty 2) – Helps to stabilize equipment and ground tarps in windy conditions.

  • Area Setup
  • Water Management
  • Patient Supplies 
  • Storage

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description Decon Shower Instructions


This standard is intended for use by first responders and receiving medical facilities for the initial decontamination of victims of contamination and possible exposure:

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