Doff-it® Personal Privacy Kit


The "original" kit designed to reduce victim objections to decontamination.

$14.01 - $270.38


Doff-it's large over-garment lets patients disrobe while remaining completely covered during a chemical incident. Disrobing stops more contamination from reaching a victim's skin and reduces the inhalation hazard arising from off-gassing of volatile chemicals. Excellent for field decontamination in mass casualty incidents. For the same privacy and protection from exposure to cold after soap and water showering, use the Don-it post-decon kit.

Available As

  • Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - Adult (HMDOFFIT)
  • Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - Adult, Box of 20 (HMDOFFBX)
  • Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - Youth (HMDOFFIT-Y)
  • Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - Youth, Box of 20 (HMDOFFBXY)


Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - Adult, Youth

  • Gown is made of non-woven, fluid resistant fabric


  • Doff-it® Personal Privacy Garment (Adult: fits size XS to 3XL, Youth: fits ages 5- 12 years old)
  • Collection bag for contaminated clothing
  • Clear zipper-seal plastic bag for personal valuables
  • Foot covers
  • Absorbent washcloths
  • Pen

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08D3-01-CLOM (Clothing, Disposable Modesty)

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