Decon Elevation Grid

SKU: #HM1023S

Prevent patients and responders from standing in contaminated water during decontamination.



HazMat Elevation Grid Assemblies, made from sturdy, high-density polyethylene, are specifically designed for use with the DQE Standard Collection Pool and Compact Collection Pool. Wide and flat rubber feet protect pool liners and improve grid stability on uneven surfaces.

Available As

  • Decon Elevation Grid - Single Layer (HM1023S)
  • Decon Elevation Grid - Double Layer (HM1023)


Decon Elevation Grid (HM1023S), (HM1023)

  • Durable high-density polyethylene grid material
  • Wide rubber feet inserts protect pool liners and tarp surfaces
  • Flow-through design
  • Dimensions:
    • HM1023S - Single layer of decking 3' x 2' x 2.8”
    • HM1023 - Two interlocked decking layers 3' x 2' x 5.5”
  • Pool size reference


  • One grid assembly

Additional Info


08D2-03-TDEW (Equipment, Technical Decontamination - Wet)

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