HazMat Victim Care

HazMat Victim Care

DQE provides a variety of supplies for contaminated victim care to enhance the speed and efficiency of the decontamination process while ensuring that privacy and safety of those that are contaminated are protected. From the Doff-It® Personal Privacy Kit, which allows victims to completely remove their clothing in public while remaining fully covered at all times, and the Don-It® Personal Privacy Kit, which allows victims to dry off and clothe themselves after showering, to Emergency Warming Blankets, and Privacy Screens.

Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - Box of 20 image

Doff-it® Personal Privacy Kit

$12.95 - $250.00

Doff-it's large over-garment lets patients disrobe while remaining completely covered. Excellent for field decontamination in mass casualty incidents. Available As Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit - A…

Decontamination Personal Privacy Kit

Don-It® Personal Privacy Kit

$12.95 - $250.00

While Doff-it® provides privacy before decontamination, the Don-it® kit is the original post-decon kit that assures the same privacy and protection from exposure to cold after soap and water s…

Dry-It Disposable Towels image

Dry-It Disposable Towels


These versatile, disposable towels are ideal for drying victims after decon and everyday patient care use. The "it" is up to you! Available As Dry-It Disposable Towels (HM705) Specificati…

Emergency Warming Blanket image

Emergency Warming Blankets

$19.95 - $75.00

The Disposable Emergency Blanket is packaged in a pocket-sized wrapping. Ideal for retaining body heat during emergency or decontamination events. Available As Emergency Warming Blanket - 5 Pack…

Privacy Cube image

Privacy Cube


Provide needed privacy space quickly and efficiently with the Privacy Cube. The Privacy Cube assembles to create a square-shaped area with a variety of emergency response uses: Modesty during decon…

Privacy Screen image

Privacy Screen


Lightweight, collapsible privacy screen sets up quickly and is easily transportable. The fluid resistant fabric of this portable privacy screen is easily replaced when dirty. Healthcare staff can use…

Replacement Screen Assembly for Privacy Cube image

Replacement Screen Assembly for Privacy Cube


When the screens on the Privacy Cube (HM5022) get dirty this Replacement Screen Assembly is available to easily replace them. Available As Replacement Screen Assembly (MC5022RS) Specification…