Emergency Warming Blankets

SKU: #MC4023|HM701B

Ultra light, ultra compact Mylar blanket for emergency warmth.

$19.95 - $75.00


The Disposable Emergency Blanket is packaged in a pocket-sized wrapping. Ideal for retaining body heat during emergency or decontamination events.

Available As

  • Emergency Warming Blanket - 5 Pack (HM701B)
  • Emergency Warming Blankets - 25 Pack (MC4023)


  • Dimensions: Unfolded 55" x 82"; Folded 3" x 5" x 1
  • May be used in conjunction with the disposable Blanket (MC4009) to provide extra warmth
  • Packing in both English (front) and Spanish (back)
  • Individually wrapped

Additional Info


08D3-01-BLKT (Blankets, Disposable)