Public Safety & Emergency Response

Public Safety & Emergency Response

Today it’s an industrial chemical spill, but tomorrow it could be something on a far larger scale. Because as an emergency responder, you encounter drastically different scenarios on a day-to-day basis, DQE designs products that adapt to the appropriate level of response to ensure the greatest flexibility. DQE decon showers are designed for quick setup and to be resilient in extreme conditions. We proudly manufacture all our decontamination showers in the United States. All of our HazMat showers are portable and come with vinyl carry bags for easy transport.

We carry a variety of HazMat suits, chemical boots, protective gloves, and respiratory protection to meet your needs. You'll find brands like DuPont, Honeywell, Kappler, Ansell, 3M, and more!

37°C fire rehab products are a practical, affordable way to establish a firefighter rehabilitation area or a safe area for rest and recovery in a variety of situations.

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling image

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling

$29.98 - $65.36

This fire hose reducer coupling reduces a female NHT fire hose to one standard male garden hose fitting. Available As Fire Hose Reducer Coupling - 1.5" (HM210) Fire Hose Reducer Coupling - 2.5" (…

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling with Hose image

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling with Hose

$63.81 - $94.87

Reduces a 1.5" or 2.5" NHT fire hose to one standard male garden hose fitting. Available As Fire Hose Reducer Coupling 1.5" with Hose (HM208) Fire Hose Reducer Coupling 2.5" with Hose (HM208-25) …

3M Breathing Tube Assembly - Breathe Easy image

3M Breathing Tube Assembly - Breathe Easy


This assembly, 36 inches in length, is used with the 3M Breathe Easy PAPR System. It delivers air to the Tyvek hood used on the system. Available As 3M Breathing Tube Assembly (HM5503) Specif…

Decon Sprayer image

Decon Sprayer

$16.00 - $33.40

This portable decon sprayer makes it easy to apply soap solutions during the decon process. Available As Decon Sprayer - 2 Gallon (HM6210) Decon Sprayer - 1 Gallon (HM6211) Specifications …

Glow Light Sticks - Green image

Glow Light Sticks - Green


These green light sticks glow for 8-12 hours, providing a light source for many different situations. They can be used to mark an exit path, track patients, identify staff, and more. An attached hook …

Safety Seals image

Safety Seals


These tamper-evident plastic seals have a variety of uses including securing first aid cabinets, crash carts, containers holding valuable or sensitive documents, and securing the closure of the PACE E…

Sandbag image



Five-pound sandbags help stabilize equipment and ground tarps in windy conditions. Keep several on hand in your response equipment caches. Available As Sandbag (HM1075) Specifications Sandba…

Tool Brush image

Tool Brush

Original Price: $6.50
Sale Price: $4.88

Stiff-bristled tool brush for decontaminating hard to reach surfaces. Excellent for cleaning respirators, helmets, monitors, or other hazmat equipment. Available As Tool Brush (HMS1523) Spe…

Non-Sparking Crash Axe image

Non-Sparking Crash Axe


For HazMat, vehicle rescue, and fire fighting, this Non-Sparking Crash Axe is the safety tool you need in hazardous environments. All it takes is one spark and a grain elevator, chemical plant, petrol…

Non-Sparking Pail Opener image

Non-Sparking Pail Opener


Non-sparking pail opener for use with flammable material. Available As Non-Sparking Pail Opener (HMS1571) Specifications Non-Sparking Pail Opener (HMS1571) Glass-filled plastic Length:…

Foam-Wall Containment Pool image

Foam-Wall Containment Pool


This vinyl containment pool has sturdy foam side walls for durable containment of spills and decon runoff. Available As Foam-Wall Containment Pool (HM1081) Specifications Foam-Wall Containme…

MSA CBRN Millennium Filter Cartridge image

MSA CBRN Millennium Filter Cartridge


Filter for use with the MSA Millennium CBRN Gas Mask (HM5450). Attracts, retains, and neutralizes contaminants. Available As MSA CBRN Millennium Filter Cartridge (HM5451) Specifications MSA …