Firefighter Rehab

Firefighter Rehab

Maintaining a core body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F), while working in demanding environments, is essential to staying safe, healthy, and productive. That is why DQE created the 37°C™ Fire Rehab products.

37°C Fire Department Rehab equipment supports the NFPA 1584 rehab standard to ensure the well-being of your team and to comply with regulations. Rehab, also known as Emergency Incident Rehabilitation, is an organized process that provides emergency responders with: periods of rest, nourishment, re-hydration, recovery, cooling/warming, and medical attention. Without proper rest, re-hydration, and nourishment, workers are at an increased risk for illness, injury and death.

37°C Fire Rehab products have what you need to perform at your best and Keep Your Core™.

Kore Kooler Chair for heat stress relief image

Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair


Combat heat stress with active cooling. This cooling chair lowers body temperature through hand and forearm immersion. Combined with rest and hydration, hand and forearm immersion is an effective way …

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Reservoir Bags image

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Reservoir Bags


These replacement arm reservoir bags carry several gallons of water to enable the active cooling process in the Kore Kooler Rehab Chair. Available As Replacement Reservoir Bags (RH2002) Replaceme…

Heavy Duty Privacy Screen image

Heavy Duty Privacy Screen


The Heavy-Duty Privacy Screen is a large and rugged 5' x 5' portable privacy screen. With a quick and easy setup, a durable, industrial-grade PVC support structure and sturdy 10 oz. vinyl screen this …

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Headrest Image

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Headrest


This headrest attaches to the top of the Kore Kooler Chair with an elastic band. Kore Kooler Rehab Chair sold separately. Available As Replacement Headrest (RH1999) Kore Kooler Rehab Chair …

Dry-It Disposable Towels image

Dry-It Disposable Towels


These versatile, disposable towels are ideal for drying victims after decon and everyday patient care use. The "it" is up to you! Available As Dry-It Disposable Towels (HM705) Specificati…

Rehab Relaxation Chair image

Rehab Relaxation Chair


Enjoy this Rehab Relaxation Chair while resting during rehab. The chair has a cushioned back, seat, and cushioned armrests for extra comfort. The Rehab Relaxation Chair is constructed of heavy ny…

Fire Responder Wipes image

Responder Wipes

$34.40 - $137.60

Responder Wipes are developed by a firefighter for firefighters. These firefighter wipes are uniquely formulated with micellar water, an innovative ingredient with cleansing compounds that dissolve di…

Hand Sanitizing Wipes image

Hand Sanitizing Wipes


Sanitary hand wipes in a dispenser pack. Available As Hand Sanitizing Wipes (NS-1) Specifications Hand Sanitizing Wipes (NS-1) 2 year shelf life Contents Pack of 100 wipes …

Portable Misting Fan image

Misting Rehab Fan


A misting fan is ideal for applications where a portable heat relief source is required. Convenient and user friendly, this misting fan is the perfect solution for cooling work areas for first re…

Rubber-Soled Slippers image

Rubber-Soled Slippers


Provides safety when walking around a rehab area without work boots. Available As Rubber-Soled Slippers (RH2012) Included in the Hygiene Package (RHK4000) Specifications Rubber-So…

Medical Monitoring Notepad image

Medical Monitoring Notepad


Twenty page tablet with a form for recording medical monitoring information. Available As Medical Monitoring Notepad (RH2025) Included in the Rehab Area Toolbox (RH2020) Specifications Me…

Glacier Tek Cooling Vest Blue image

Cooling Vest


Keep your body cool in hot weather with a Glacier Tek cooling vest. This lightweight cooling vest for men and women provides continuous cooling relief in hot areas without weighing you down. You can f…