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Kappler Level A Training Suit Charcoal image

Kappler Zytron 500 Training Suit

$275.19 - $318.30

Zytron 500 training suits are constructed with the same fabric as the full level A suits to provide the best simulation experience. These Level A Training Suits have soft, pliable fabric that...

Kappler Zytron 500 Hi-Viz Orange image

Kappler Zytron 500 Vapor Level A Suit

$1,025.74 - $1,179.60

The Kappler Zytron 500 Vapor Level A Chemical Suit provides top-level protection, superior performance and comfort. This Zytron 500 HazMat suit provides gas-tight level A protection against more than.…

Protective Hood image

Kappler Provent Plus Hood (30/Box)


Protective hood using breathable, Kappler ProVent Plus material with taped seams. Wear over a non-hooded gown or coverall to provide full head protection. Additional head, face and respiratory...

Kappler Zytron 300 Coverall image

Kappler Zytron 300 Coverall

$78.11 - $89.88

For rigorous activities and rugged situations involving liquid splash. Kappler Zytron 300 personal protective clothing shields responders directly involved in Hazardous Materials emergency response...…

ChemTape Strips image

ChemTape Strips


Kappler ChemTape Strips provides superior chemical resistance and adhesion in easy-to-use, pre-cut strips. Available As ChemTape Strips (HM410S) ChemTape Roll...

Kappler Zytron 100 XP Coverall image

Kappler® Zytron® 100 XP Coverall

$16.63 - $16.92

Ideal for training use, this inexpensive and reusable hooded suit with attached booties provides splash protection for wet training drills and gives users the feel of full personal protective...

ChemTape Roll image

ChemTape Roll


Kappler ChemTape is designed to provide strong chemical resistance and adhesion specifically for taping the seams and around openings of protective apparel and HazMat suits. This patented chemical...…

Kappler Zytron 200 Coverall image

Kappler Zytron 200 Coverall

$49.40 - $56.80

Kappler Zytron 200 personal protective clothing shields responders directly involved in Hazardous Materials emergency response and decontamination. Available As Kappler Zytron 200 Coverall...