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Core Cooling Towel image

Core Cooling Towel

$10.00 - $59.50

Core Cooling Towels combat heat stress with active cooling, for simple and fast heat relief anywhere on your body. To use simply rinse the cooling towel with water, wring out, and apply to skin...

Core Cooling Towel Kit image

Core Cooling Towel Kit


The Core Cooling Kit eliminates the need for sharing buckets and re-sanitizing towels between users. Open the bucket, fill with cool water, and begin cooling with Core Cooling Towels. Available...

Hygiene Package image

Hygiene Package


The Hygiene Package is put together specifically with the needs of responder rehab in mind. Remove the grime of the job and provide a sanitary facility with the Hygiene Package. Available...

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Reservoir Bags image

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Reservoir Bags


These replacement arm reservoir bags carry several gallons of water to enable the active cooling process in the Kore Kooler Rehab Chair. Available As Replacement Reservoir Bags (RH2002) Replacement..…

Portable Misting Fan image

Misting Rehab Fan


A misting fan is ideal for applications where a portable heat relief source is required. Convenient and user friendly, this misting fan is the perfect solution for cooling work areas for first...

Rehab Area Shelter image

Rehab Area Shelter


Creating a safe area for firefighter rehabilitation starts with setting up this Rehab Area Shelter. "REHAB" is printed on two sides of the shelter for easy identification in the cold zone. This...

Rehab Shelter Package image

Rehab Shelter Package


All DQE rehab products support the NFPA 1584 Rehab Standard to make it easier to maintain high activity levels while ensuring emergency responder safety. This Rehab Shelter Package is what you need...…