Decon Showers

Decon Showers

The DQE line of innovative, portable decontamination showers and portable decon shower systems is designed for flexibility, giving HazMat responders the ability to scale efforts to the appropriate level for clean up operations. DQE has portable decon showers to support HazMat Responder DeconHazMat Victim DeconMass DecontaminationNon-Ambulatory Decon, and Gross Decontamination. Our Standard Decontamination Shower System is the industry’s leading stand-alone decon unit offering quick set-up, victim privacy, thorough hazardous materials decontamination, easy portability and easy storage.

Decon in a Bag offers a quick solution for gross decontamination on the go. And don't forget DQE's dog decontamination kits for Canine Decon to clean contaminants off working dog companions in the field.

MasCas Mass Decontamination Shower image

MasCas® II Decontamination Shower

$5,800.00 - $6,500.00

The MasCas II Decontamination Shower is the optimal portable solution for efficient mass decontamination involving, ambulatory, semi, and non-ambulatory victims. The decon shower deploys quickly and e…

SKUHM4200 | HMK4201
Easy Roller Upgrade Kit image

Easy Roller Upgrade Kit


The Easy Roller Upgrade Kit upgrades a DQE 4'x8' Standard Collection Pool (steel or aluminum). These rollers assist a Decontamination Operations Team in chemical decontamination of non ambul…

DQE Quick Response Decontamination Shower image

Quick Response Decon Shower


The Quick Response Decon Shower is durably constructed to withstand frequent training, and compact enough to fit in a portable carry bag. The portable decontamination shower assembles quickly with uni…

Canine Decontamination Kit image

K-9 Decon Kit


Working dogs have the potential to come into contact with a variety of harmful contaminants. This portable, affordable kit includes everything you need to clean your canine and protect yourself from c…

Decon Show Privacy Corridor Upgrade Kit image

Decon Privacy Corridor Upgrade Kit


This Decontamination Privacy Corridor Upgrade Kit converts a Standard Decontamination Shower into three-stage decontamination. In this 3 stage decon system, patients disrobe and prepare for showering …


Standard Decontamination Shower

$1,482.00 - $1,927.00

The Standard Decontamination Shower can be configured to accommodate fully, semi, and even non-ambulatory victims. The hazmat decontamination shower assembles quickly with unique quick-connects, has a…

SKUHM1001C | HM1001CB
Doff-it Personal Privacy Kit image

Doff-it® Personal Privacy Kit

$12.95 - $250.00

Doff-it's large over-garment lets patients disrobe while remaining completely covered during a chemical incident. Disrobing stops more contamination from reaching a victim's skin and reduces the inhal…

Decon Wand image

Decon Wand


Simply connect this hand-held device to a standard garden hose and you are ready to begin. The wand comes in two pieces for compact storage, and assembles with a quick-connect coupling. The valve allo…

Decon Privacy Corridor System image

Decon Privacy Corridor System

$4,150.00 - $4,310.00

The Privacy Corridor System includes Standard Decontamination Shower with 4' x 8' Collection Pool, Elevation Grid, and Corridor Enclosure. The heavy-duty enclosure creates a system of three private ch…

Easy Roller Non-Ambulatory Roller System image

Easy Roller Non-Ambulatory Roller System

$1,390.00 - $1,540.00

The Easy Roller Non-Ambulatory Decon System is designed exclusively for the DQE 4' x 8' Standard Collection Pool (steel or aluminum). These rollers allow the Decon Operations Team to easily decontamin…

DQE Standard Decontamination Shower System for portable patient decontamination

Standard Decontamination Shower System

$2,772.00 - $2,925.00

The Standard Decontamination System includes the shower, collection pool, and elevation grids. The Standard Decontamination Shower is the industry's leading stand-alone hazmat decon solution, off…

Quick Response Decontamination Shower System image

Quick Response Decon Shower System

$1,655.00 - $1,705.00

The Quick Response Decon Shower is durably constructed to withstand frequent training, and compact enough to fit in a portable carry bag. The portable decontamination shower assembles quickly with uni…