Public Safety & Emergency Response

Public Safety & Emergency Response

Today it’s an industrial chemical spill, but tomorrow it could be something on a far larger scale. Because as an emergency responder, you encounter drastically different scenarios on a day-to-day basis, DQE designs products that adapt to the appropriate level of response to ensure the greatest flexibility. DQE decon showers are designed for quick setup and to be resilient in extreme conditions. We proudly manufacture all our decontamination showers in the United States. All of our HazMat showers are portable and come with vinyl carry bags for easy transport.

We carry a variety of HazMat suits, chemical boots, protective gloves, and respiratory protection to meet your needs. You'll find brands like DuPont, Honeywell, Kappler, Ansell, 3M, and more!

37°C fire rehab products are a practical, affordable way to establish a firefighter rehabilitation area or a safe area for rest and recovery in a variety of situations.

3M Fit Test Kit image

3M Fit Test Kit


This 3M Fit Test Kit can be used to assess the face-to-respirator seal of any particulate respirator or gas/vapor respirator with a particulate prefilter. Fit testing must be performed before a respir…

Equipment Protection Mats image

Equipment Protection Mats


Use under elevation grids and decon pools to protect pool liners. Provides a clean protected area to lay equipment, tools and supplies during an emergency response event. Available As Equipment Pr…

Water Pressure Regulator image

Water Pressure Regulator


The water pressure regulator helps protect connected equipment from excessive supply pressure by reducing downstream pressure to 40-50 psi. Regulator's max. input pressure 125 psi. Available As Wa…

Disposable Collection Pool image

Disposable Collection Pool


This Disposable Collection Pool is designed for single incident use. The vinyl covered frame allows the unit to be simply folded up and discarded after the incident. This pool is compact for storage a…

Decon Stability Cane image

Decon Stability Cane


Wearing a HazMat suit during responder decontamination makes it difficult to maneuver. The Decon Stability Cane allows responders to navigate a decon area safety. It is especially helpful when washing…

3M Hood Insert for Breathe Easy PAPR-CBRN image

3M Hood Insert for Breathe Easy PAPR-CBRN


Foam insert that is ideal for prolonging the shelf life of the 3M Butyl Rubber Hood of the 3M Breathe Easy PAPR System-CBRN (HM5550). Available As 3M Hood Insert for Breathe Easy PAPR-CBRN (HM5553…

3M Battery Shower Cover image

3M Battery Shower Cover


This cover helps protect batteries used on 3M Breathe Easy PAPR System. Available As 3M Battery Shower Cover (HM5554) Specifications 3M Battery Shower Cover (HM5554) Water Repellant Case …

3M Shower Cover for PAPR Filter image

3M Shower Cover for PAPR Filter


Helps protect the 3M Breathe Easy PAPR filter canisters from moisture.  Available As 3M Shower Cover for PAPR Filter (HM5551) Specifications 3M Shower Cover for PAPR Filter (HM5551) …

Pee Wee Unisex Urine Bag image

Pee Wee Unisex Urine Bag


The safe, sanitary, convenient, biodegradable way to ‘pee’ when plumbing's not available. Snap-close bag closes with no spills or contact with the waste. Box of 50. Available As Pee We…

Decon Brush Handle image

Decon Brush Handle


Brush handle for decontamination process. Measures 60" long. Available As Decon Brush Handle (HM544) Specifications Decon Brush Handle (HM544) Standard duty fiberglass 15/16" pole handle …

Telescoping Flow-Thru Decon Brush Handle image

Telescoping Flow-Thru Decon Brush Handle


Telescoping brush handle that fits all DQE brush heads. Available As Telescoping Flow-Thru Decon Brush Handle (HM545) Specifications Telescoping Flow- Thru Decon Brush Handle (HM545) Leng…

Safety Glasses image

Safety Glasses - Box of 10


Safety Glasses provide protection from flying particles. Available As Safety Glasses (HM3730) Specifications Safety Glasses (HM3730) Large, clear lens that provide a wide viewing field. …