Indian Springs ERK - Multipurpose Tank-Car Kit

SKU: #HMS1490

This emergency response kit fits a broad assortment of railcar housings and arrangements - working on standard chlorine housings, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and more.



The Emergency Response Kit (ERK) fits a wide range of railcar housings, trucks, and stationary tank arrangements. This kit works with standard chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia housings. The ERK has a light and universal design, with clamping jaws that attach anywhere along the housing ring. Address a wide range of valve configurations and styles with the included Teflon-lined, aluminum capping hoods, steel hoods, and corresponding EDPM and Viton gasket options. The ERK also includes rope, carabiners, gasket sack, and soft-sided tool bucket so responders can safely transport the ERK to the top of railcars containing hazardous materials. ERK supplies are labeled with a part number, color-coded green, and stored inside a durable polyethylene toolbox.

Available As

  • Indian Springs ERK (HMS1490)


Indian Springs ERK (HMS1490)

  • One-piece adjustable, aluminum yoke assembly
    • Patented Clamping Jaw-Gripper technology allows the unit to be attached securely anywhere along the housing
    • Opens to a span of 38”
    • Center bolt is adjustable, sliding the length of the yoke
    • Does not require port hole openings for attachment
    • Works with existing tank car kits in the field
  • No “bridge” yoke needed to contain sampling valve and thermowell
  • Five capping hoods
    • Three aluminum, Teflon-lined capping hoods and outlet valves
    • 2 Steel Hoods
  • Custom molded Viton and EPDM Gaskets
    • Viton for use with chlorine
    • EPDM for use with chemicals such as ammonia and dioxide
  • All components fit into one polyethylene toolbox
  • Size (packed): 42″ x 44″ x 36″
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Replacement Parts: all kit components, sealing devices, and replacement gasket sets are available. Contact DQE for pricing.


The Indian Springs ERK includes:

  • 1 Yoke Assembly
    • 1pc. Yoke Assembly, Adjusting, with Clamping Jaws (38” Max Housing OD) – part#18C

  • 5 Capping Hoods and their corresponding EPDM (light grey) and Viton (black) gaskets
    • 1pc. Hood Assembly (Steel) with (20V) Vent Valve: 3” ID x 13“ Inside Height – part# 20A
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded EPDM – part# 20BMV
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded Viton – part# 20BEP
    • 1pc. Hood Assembly (Steel) with (30V) Vent Valve: 5-1/2” ID x 12“ Inside Height, – part# 30A
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded EPDM7 –  part# 30BEP
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded Viton – part# 30BMV

    • 1pc. Hood Assembly (Alum – Teflon lined) with (46V) Vent Valve (inside dims): 6-3/4” sq x 5-1/2IH + 6-1/2“D x 12”H, – part# 46A
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded EPDM – part# 46BEP
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded Viton – part# 46BMV
    • 1pc. Hood Assembly (Alum – Teflon lined) with (54V) Vent Valve (inside dims): 7-1/2“L x 6-7/8”W x 9-1/2“H, – part# 54A
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded EPDM – part# 54BEP
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded Viton – part# 54BMV
    • 1pc. Hood Assembly (Alum – Teflon lined) with (64V) Vent Valve (inside dims): 7-7/8”sq x 10-1/4“H,-  part# 64A
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded EPDM – part# 64BEP
    • 2pc. Gasket Molded Viton – part# 64BMV

  • Tools
    • 1pc. Socket Wrench Set, – part# X-2
    • 1pc. Wire Brush, – part# X-3
    • 1pc. Wrench, 15” Adjustable – part# X-4
    • 1pc. Hammer, Machinist 1-1/2 lb – part# X-5
    • 1pc. Paint Scraper, 1-1/4” Blade – part# X-6
    • 1pc. Kit Box Seals – part# X-7
    • 1pc. Bolt Cutter, 18“ – part# X-8
    • 1pc. Wire Cutter – part# X-9
    • 2pc. Gasket Sack – part# X-10
    • 1pc. Wrench, valve wrench – part# 200-X

  • Additional Supplies
    • 1pc. Rope and Carabiners (2), – part# X-1
    • 1pc. Tool Bucket and Carabiner – part# X-11
    • 1pc. Kit-Box: 17”H x 19”W x 44”L – part# 151-X
    • 2pc. Instruction Booklet, – part# IX

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03OE-03-KTCL (Kit, Chemical Leak Control)

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Chlorine Kit Return Policy: Chlorine Kits are made-to-order by the manufacturer. DQE is unable to accept returns or exchanges for these products (HMS1490, HMS1496, HMS1497, HMS1498) and may require prepayment at the time of order. Contact DQE for any questions prior to purchase.