Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B"

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HazMat Chlorine Institute ton container emergency response kit for US DOT 106A500X concave head chlorine one ton containers.



The Chlorine Kit "B" (re-designed in 2014) includes devices and tools to contain leaks in and around chlorine ton container valves and in the side wall of ton containers. Chlorine emergency kit supplies are labeled with a part number, color coded yellow and stored inside a durable polyethylene kit box.

Available As

  • Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B" (HMS1497)


Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B" (HMS1497)

  • The Chlorine Institute Emergency Chlorine B Kit is the only chlorine emergency kit for ton containers that is manufactured to the design specifications of the Chlorine Institute
  • Chlorine Kit "B" devices paired with alternative EPDM gaskets are also suitable for sulfur dioxide one ton containers
  • All gaskets made of Viton have a 4 year recommended shelf-life
  • Gaskets are stamped with the date of manufacture
  • Exclusively made by Indian Springs Manufacturing Co. to the Chlorine Institute standards


  • Device #12: Designed to contain leaks in and around chlorine ton container valves
  • Device #14: Uses the same bar assembly, 28C, as Device 12 and does not touch or attach to the fuse plug
  • Device #9: Patching device designed for sealing leaks in chlorine ton container side walls
  • Tools: Kit "B" also includes a variety of hand tools, inspection seals and additional sealing devices
  • Instruction booklet

NOTE: Leaking containers with Kit-B applied may require a special DOT permit prior to transportation. To transport a leaking container,  the transporter must become a "party" to the US DOT special exemption SP-16102. This is a temporary but mandatory requirement until the exemption becomes permanent. See link to US DOT Hazardous Materials and Pipeline Safety portal.

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Replacement Parts

Replacement gasket sets, special adapters and training devices are available for chlorine and sulfur dioxide ton containers. (Call for pricing)


03OE-03-KTCL (Kit, Chemical Leak Control)

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Chlorine Kit Return Policy: Chlorine Kits are made-to-order by the manufacturer. DQE is unable to accept returns or exchanges for these products (HMS1490, HMS1496, HMS1497, HMS1498) and may require prepayment at the time of order. Contact DQE for any questions prior to purchase.