First On Scene Kit "F-1"

SKU: #HMS1509

Stop leaks with this fuel tank repair kit. The First On Scene "F-1" Kit assists responders first on scene to a tank leak.



The First On Scene Kit "F-1" by Edwards and Cromwell is the fuel spill kit you need to stop a leak fast. Designed primarily to repair a semi diesel fuel tank leak, this kit contains simple proven leak sealing items such the wooden plug kit with a rubber mallet, four sticks of epoxy repair putty, five all-purpose absorbent pads, a can of Plug N' Dike, one football plug and two golf ball expanding foam sealant plugs. All items come in a handy tool box, compact enough to fit on every engine in a fire department, or staged near fuel storage tanks in factories or airports.

Available As

  • First On Scene "F-1" (HMS1509)

Proper use of PPE is always recommended when dealing with hazardous substances.


First On Scene "F-1" (HMS1509)

  • Use for spill response for diesel fuel tank repair, to fix a gas tank leak, to repair a leak in fuel storage tanks, and for response in roadside incidents.
  • Manufacturer: Edwards and Cromwell
  • Model #: F-1


  • (1) 1-PMP Plug N' Dike
  • (4) Fix-Stix Epoxy Putty
  • (1) SPF Syntho-plug Football
  • (2) SPG Syntho-plug Golf Ball
  • (1) WWP 9 pc Wood Wedge and Dowel Pack
  • (1) Rubber mallet
  • (5) 18" x 18" All purpose sorbent pad
  • (1) Toolbox carrying case

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03OE-03-KTCL (Kit, Chemical Leak Control)

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