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Clearance Products

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North N-Series P100 Particulate Filter image

Honeywell North N-Series P100 Particulate Filter

Original Price: $11.88
Sale Price: $8.91

The North N-Series P100 Particulate Filter is a minimum 99.97% efficient for all particulates. For use with the North RU6500 Silicone Full Facepiece (HM5411). Available As North N-Series P100 Part…

Decon Stability Cane image

Decon Stability Cane

Original Price: $175.20
Sale Price: $131.40

Wearing a HazMat suit during responder decontamination makes it difficult to maneuver. The Decon Stability Cane allows responders to navigate a decon area safety. It is especially helpful when washing…

Honeywell North Butyl Smooth Gloves image

Honeywell North Butyl Smooth Gloves - 13 mil & 17 mil

$55.33 - $56.30

These 13 mil, 11" gloves and 17 mil, 14" gloves may serve as a single layer solution or as an outer layer glove when used in conjunction with a 5 mil Nitrile glove or Silver Shield Glove Liners. These…

Onguard Hazmax EZ-Fit Boots image

Dunlop Hazmax EZ-Fit Boots

Original Price: $225.88
Sale Price: $169.41

These protective boots provide superior chemical resistance and safety to HazMat responders and environmental clean-up teams in situations involving dangerous chemical, vapors or biological hazards an…

Compact Telescoping Shovel image

Compact Telescoping Shovel

Original Price: $34.55
Sale Price: $25.91

Compact Telescoping Shovel is ideal for spill kit applications as well as as a wide variety of other uses. Its unique telescoping handle collapses for compact storage. Sturdy clip locks handle in plac…

North RU6500 Silicone Full Facepiece image

Honeywell North RU6500 Silicone Full Facepiece

Original Price: $204.37
Sale Price: $153.28

This facepiece is NIOSH approved in air purifying respirator (APR) and powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) configurations with North N-Series respirator filters and cartridges. The North RU6500's …

Tool Brush image

Tool Brush

Original Price: $6.50
Sale Price: $4.88

Stiff-bristled tool brush for decontaminating hard to reach surfaces. Excellent for cleaning respirators, helmets, monitors, or other hazmat equipment. Available As Tool Brush (HMS1523) Spe…

Change-Out Clothing image

Change-Out Clothing

$3.38 - $106.50

Fresh and dry clothing is important in order to fully relax during the rehab process. T-Shirts for keeping cool in warm climates and sweatshirts and sweatpants to stay warm and protected. Having …

Delta Frame Collection Pool image

Delta Frame Collection Pool

Original Price: $1,332.50
Sale Price: $768.75

The Delta Frame Collection Pool's unique frame design provides dependable sidewall support while allowing trailers to roll over for easy entry and exit. The pool is quickly setup without the need for …

Jersey Gloves image

Jersey Gloves - 6 Pair

Original Price: $9.95
Sale Price: $7.46

Warm cold and wet hands with 100% cotton knit, jersey gloves. Available As Jersey Gloves (RH2009) Specifications Jersey Gloves (RH2009) Weight: 9 oz. Color: Black Made o…

Non-Sparking Crash Axe image

Non-Sparking Crash Axe

Original Price: $502.99
Sale Price: $377.25

For HazMat, vehicle rescue, and fire fighting, this Non-Sparking Crash Axe is the safety tool you need in hazardous environments. All it takes is one spark and a grain elevator, chemical plant, petrol…

Patient Belongings Bag image

Patient Belongings Bag

Original Price: $51.24
Sale Price: $37.32

Labeled bags for carrying patient belongings Available As Patient Belongings Bag (MC4049) Specifications Patient Belongings Bag (MC4049) 2 mil Poly tote bag with handles 20" x 19…