Misting Rehab Shower

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Progressively cool responders during the rehab phase of an incident.

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The Misting Rehab Shower is designed to progressively cool responders during the rehab phase of an incident. The misting shower incorporates specially designed mist nozzles that operate under high pressure to produce tiny, 10 micron water droplets. These droplets instantly evaporate upon contact with hot, dry air, resulting in cooling of the air temperature. Combining water and heat provides cooling through flash evaporation in order to create maximum cooling potential without the traditional problems of wetting and residual moisture.

Available As

  • Misting Rehab Shower (RH7000)


Misting Rehab Shower (RH7000)

  • 6 mist nozzles
  • Dimensions: assembled 73"H x 27.5"W (at the base)
  • Dimensions: unassembled 12"W x 36"L
  • Weight: 10 lb.
  • Single water inlet: standard garden hose
  • Black, polyester mesh bag; drawstring
  • Approximate set-up time: less than 2 minutes (based on one trained responder)


  • One misting shower
  • Mesh bag


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