Decon Team Disposable Vests

SKU: #IC1400

Identify Decon Team members and their roles easily during a decon operation.

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These identification vests are constructed of a proprietary, non-woven, breathable synthetic material, making them durable enough for repeat use, but economical enough to dispose of.  All vests have easy to fasten side straps and a convenient front pocket.

Available As

  • Decon Team Disposable Vests (IC1400)


Decon Team Disposable Vests (IC1400)

  • 17 total vests
  • 1 "Decon Unit Leader"
  • 4 "Decon Operations"
  • 4 "Decon Suit Support"
  • 4 "Decon Equipment Support"
  • 4 "Decon Security"

Replacement vests are available