Delta Frame Collection Pool

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The Delta Pool has a unique triangle sidewall that gives it sturdy containment support without the need for L-brackets or bulky foam.

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The Delta Frame Collection Pool's unique frame design provides dependable sidewall support while allowing trailers to roll over for easy entry and exit. The pool is quickly setup without the need for L-brackets or foam siding. Ideal for decontamination, storage, and secondary containment for a variety of purposes. The collection pool is constructed using 22oz PVC material for added chemical resistance and durability. Custom sizes available.

Available As

  • Delta Frame Collection Pool - 4'x8'x6" (HM1026) - while supplies last


Delta Frame Collection Pool (HM1026)

  • Constructed of 22 oz. PVC
  • Delta sidewall support that folds down for easy roll over
  • Color - Black


  • One collection pool

Additional Info


08D2-01-LDCD (Device, Liquid Decontamination Containment)

public Available for International Sale