DuPont Tychem 10000 Level A Suit

SKU: #HM2102|HM2103

Fully encapsulated Level A suit that provides one of the broadest ranges of chemical protection available.

$1,409.66 - $1,709.43


This DuPont Tychem 10000 (formerly DuPont Tychem TK) Level A suit has successfully tested against more than 322 chemicals. This Level A PPE suit has either front or rear entry options.

Tychem 10000 has excellent chemical barrier properties and offers an extremely durable fabric that is puncture- and tear-resistant. Tychem 10000 fabric shows at least 30 minutes of barrier protection to 322 challenge chemicals with no observed breakthrough. Tychem 10000 is specifically developed for protection against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids, and solid chemicals. This high-performance chemical barrier fabric is suited for industrial, HazMat, and domestic preparedness applications.

Each Level A suit has a unique serial number and is fully tested at the time of manufacture including positive air pressure integrity testing per ASTM F1052.

Fully encapsulated suits are made-to-order by the manufacturer and require prepayment at the time of order.

Available As

  • DuPont Tychem 10000 Level A Suit - Front Entry (HM2102)
  • DuPont Tychem 10000 Level A Suit - Rear Entry (HM2103)


DuPont Tychem 10000 Level A Suit (HM2102), (HM2103)

  • HazMat Suit Design
    • Highest level of protection from liquid splash and vapor/gas exposure
    • Double taped seams. Covered both inside and out with chemical-resistant material by heat sealing
    • Expanded back accommodates a self-contained air breathing apparatus (SCBA)
    • Enlarged armholes make it easier for the wearer to remove gloves and sleeves to check gauges and systems
    • Downward closing, vapor tight, highly flexible zipper with permanently sealed covering and large, easy to grasp T-bar handle
    • Internal adjustable waist belt system 
    • Longer boot flap accommodates taller boots and doubles as knee reinforcement
    • Easy-fitting integrated tube sock
    • Two Pirelli® style exhaust valves release higher pressure inside encapsulating garments while simultaneously helping to prevent inward leakage of external vapors or particles into the garment. External splash covers help protect valves from liquid intrusion. No valve shelf-life limits.
    • Coverall color: Lime Yellow
    • Made in USA
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
    • NAFTA and TAA compliant

  • EX Faceshield
    • Provides 220-degree viewing angle
    • 3 layer laminate composed of PVC 40mil/Teflon 5 mil/PVC 20 mil
    • Anti-fog solution technology helps keep visor clear
  • Chemical Protective Gloves
    • Attached internal 5 layer laminate film AnsellBarrier® gloves
    • Fingertip adhesive prevents inner glove inversion
    • Butyl B 161 Honeywell North® outer glove attached with a vapor-tight ring and clamp system (replaceable)
    • Viton® butyl outer glove option available (contact us for pricing)

  • Chemical Protective Footwear
    • Integrated socks composed of garment material
    • Attached flaps cover boot tops to reduce the potential for liquid intrusion 
  • Available in either front entry (HM2102) or rear entry (HM2103); sizes M to 4XL
  • Manufacturer: DuPont
  • Model #: TK554TLY (front entry); TK555TLY (rear entry)
  • NFPA 1994 Class 2 approved TK612TLY and TK613TLY options available (contact us for pricing)

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PPE Return Policy:
 Due to the hazardous nature of using personal protective equipment, this product is not eligible for return.