3M Versaflo 600 PAPR Kit

SKU: #HM5620

Experience the comfort and unique features of the Versaflo 600 respirator system, ideal for healthcare professionals.



The 3M Versaflo 600 PAPR is a lightweight, compact and well-balanced belt-mounted unit for positive pressure respiratory protection against airborne particulates. The slim profile is designed for use in tight spaces, and the smooth contoured outer surface is less prone to snagging on nearby objects, making the Versaflo 600 ideal for healthcare settings. The blower unit introduces multiple speeds, audible, visual and vibratory alarms and the capacity to work with a wide variety of headtops, filters and cartridges. Hood or headcover and battery charger sold separately.

Available As

  • 3M Versaflo 600 PAPR Kit (HM5620)


3M Versaflo 600 PAPR Kit (HM5620)

  • Audible, LED and vibrating alarms - alert the user to either a low battery or low airflow.
  • Multiple blower flow rate speeds
  • The air inlet draws air from the bottom of the unit, making it easier for the wearer to sit without blocking the airflow intake.
  • The small, single air inlet helps make decontamination easier and faster.
  • The breathing tube features a quick release swivel connection, which connects quickly to the headgear and is designed to minimize loops and kinks in the breathing tube.
  • Filter cover helps protect filter cartridges from physical damage and enables PAPR to be worn through decontamination showers or in the rain.
  • Meets IP53 rating while in use in decontamination shower
  • Meets IP67 rating when used with cleaning and storage plugs to enable full submersion for easy clean-up and decontamination
  • EasyClean vinyl belt allows for thorough cleaning and reuse.
  • Battery Life: 4-12 hours (Charger sold separately)
  • 3M Blower Unit Model#: Versaflo TR-602N