3M Versaflo TR-600-HK PAPR Kit

SKU: #HM5621L|HM5621S

3M™ Versaflo™ TR-600-HK healthcare PAPR kits offers a complete powered air respirator system that includes everything needed to get started.



Health care workers are exposed to respiratory hazards in various forms, mainly airborne inhalation and droplets from an infected person. When the work environment includes particulate exposures commonly found in healthcare, the 3M Versaflo 600 PAPR kit helps deliver the comfort and protection health professionals including Nurses, Physicians, Surgeons, and Respiratory Therapists.

This all-in-one kit based on the Versaflo 600 platform helps protect against airborne particulates. With its comprehensive design, this healthcare 3M Versaflo TR-600-HK PAPR kit helps make breathing and working easier.

Available As

  • 3M Versaflo Healthcare PAPR Kit TR-600-HKS (HM5621S)
  • 3M Versaflo Healthcare PAPR Kit TR-600-HKL (HM5621L)


3M Versaflo TR-600-HKS PAPR Kit (HM5621S), 3M Versaflo Healthcare PAPR Kit TR-600-HKL (HM5621L)

  • Easy-to-use and versatile PAPR system for particulate environments
  • Three types of alarms, audible, visual, and vibratory, alert user to either a low battery or low flow, such as when a particle filter is fully loaded
  • LED lights on the battery indicate its charge status on and off the charger
  • The Quick Release Swivel (QRS) connects quickly and helps avoid kinks in the breathing tube
  • Enhanced visor design expands your view with a wider field of vision and lets patients see their provider's entire face
  • Save time cleaning with the maintenance-free disposable headcover
  • Three selectable flow rate options offer more options and comfort to the user
  • Included HE Filter for protection against particulates
  • Compatible cartridges available to protect against gas and organic vapors (not part of this kit)
  • Battery charge-level indicators to keep you prepared and informed
  • PAPR cleaning instructions – fully submersible with included Cleaning and Storage Kit, PAPR features a smooth surface design that’s quick and easy to clean and decontaminate
  • NIOSH approved
  • 3M model #: TR-600-HKL (large headcover), TR-600N-HKS (small headcover)


The kit includes:

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PPE Return Policy: Due to the hazardous nature of using personal protective equipment, this product is not eligible for return.