Slyde® Stairwell Belay System

SKU: #IC5030

Easily control the descent of the Standard and Bariatric Slyde Evacuation Sled.



The Stairwell Belay System offers control and safety for vertical evacuation.

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  • Slyde Belay System (IC5030)


Slyde Belay System (IC5030)

  • Stairwell belay device
    • Provides friction to control the descent
    • Minimizes the risk of injury to occupant and operators during descent
    • Safely supports a maximum of 800 lb when installed and used as directed for controlled descent of a person or equipment on the Slyde Evacuation Sled down inclined ramps or stairs
  • Aluminum, highly durable carabiners
    • Connects the stairwell belay device and stairwell belay rope to a firm anchor point and to the Evacuation Slyde
  • Stairwell belay rope
  • Anchor point runner/sling

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