Slyde® Stairwell Belay System

SKU: #IC5030

Control the descent of the Standard and Bariatric Slyde Evacuation Sled.



The Stairwell Belay System offers control and safety for vertical evacuation. Training is required for safe use.

Available As

  • Slyde Belay System (IC5030)


Slyde Belay System (IC5030)

  • Stairwell belay device
    • Provides friction to control the descent
    • When used properly, minimizes the risk of injury to occupant and operators during descent
    • Rated for 800 lb., ample strength to support the 400 lb./600 lb. capacity limit of the Slyde Standard/Bariatric Evacuation Sled
  • Aluminum, highly durable carabiners
    • Connects the stairwell belay device and stairwell belay rope to a firm anchor point and to the Evacuation Slyde
  • Stairwell belay rope
  • Anchor point runner/sling

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