Portable Toilet Refill GO Anywhere Kits

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Portable Toilet Refill Go Anywhere kits for use with the Portable Toilet System

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The Portable Toilet Refill GO Anywhere Kits (formerly known as WAG BAG) contain a powder waste treatment that turns liquid waste to a gel for hygienic and spill proof transportation that can be disposed of in any garbage can. The powder controls up to 32 ounces of liquid and solid waste, allowing for single or multiple uses. The Portable Toilet Refill GO anywhere kits also include toilet paper and a hand sanitizer to give you all products that you need in a restroom setting.

Available As

  • Portable Toilet Refill Kits - Box of 12 (MC4052-12)
  • Portable Toilet Refill Kits - Box of 50 (MC4052-50)
  • Portable Toilet Refill Kits- Box of 100 (MC4052-100)


Portable Toilet Refill Kit (MC4052), (MC4052), (MC4052-100)

  • An outer zip close, disposal/transport bag
  • Toilet paper, and a hand sanitizer included
  • Double bag system is puncture resistant
  • Contains waste treatment powder that gels waste and removes odor

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19GN-00-HSSF (Housing, Subsistence and Sanitation)

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