MASCAS® Shower System

SKU: #HMK4101

Multi-stall shower for decontaminating multiple individuals simultaneously.



The MASCAS Shower can be set up quickly and easily expanded to decontaminate multiple individuals simultaneously using 1-4 modular shower stalls and two additional hand-held sprayers. Divider curtains separate individual stalls for privacy, and the shower is designed for seamless integration with existing equipment.

Unlike most mass-casualty showers costing $10,000 to $20,000 and more, the durably constructed MASCAS Shower System is designed for cost-effective deployment as needed, delivering maximum flexibility and value. 

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MASCAS Shower System (HMK4101)

  • Three showerheads per stall
  • Total output: 35 gpm
  • Dimensions : fully assembled (4-stall) 120" x 36" x 84"; unassembled 87" x 35" x 26"
  • Dual water inlets: standard garden hose
  • Approximate set-up time: 5-6 minutes (based on two trained responders)
  • Shipping Weight: 290 lb


  • MASCAS Shower
  • MASCAS Collection Pool
  • Decon identification flag
  • Four vinyl carry bags
  • Five divider curtains
  • Two handheld sprayers
  • Eight elevation grids

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08D2-03-SHWR (Shower, Portable Decontamination)

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