MasCas® II Decontamination Shower System

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Multi-victim HazMat decontamination shower in a durable, lightweight and fast deploying design.

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The MasCas II Decontamination Shower is the optimal portable solution for efficient mass decontamination involving ambulatory, semi, and non-ambulatory victims. The decon shower deploys quickly and easily in either a 2 or 4 stall configuration with fast quick-connect fittings. Multiple individuals may decontaminate simultaneously with vinyl privacy dividers separating each stall. Fine-tune the spray direction with adjustable, quick-clean spray nozzles. The hand-held fan sprayers can be used inside the end shower stalls or outside the shower for increased versatility during mass decon.

Increase the scope of use and utility value of your MasCas II decon shower investment with the Single Stall Conversion Kit for MasCas II Shower (sold separately). The Single Stall Conversion Kit scales down the multi-shower configuration to a single stall shower.

This mass decontamination unit is constructed of the same polymer materials that are used in our Indestructo Decon Shower System, this specialized frame is highly durable yet lightweight, for ease of portability to the HazMat decon setup area. The portable decontamination shower design is fully collapsible for compact storage and transport in only two vinyl carry bags.

Available As

  • MasCas II Decontamination Shower (HM4200)
  • MasCas II Decon Shower System (HMK4201)


  • Six easy-clean shower heads per stall
  • Two hand-held fan sprayers with independent shut-off
  • Standard garden hose water inlets: One for the 2-stall configuration and 2 for the 4-stall configuration
  • All shower frame parts are color coded to simplify assembly
  • Approximate set-up time: 5-6 minutes (based on two trained responders)
  • Meets the flow rates, spray pattern, and other performance characteristics set by the ANSI/ISEA 113-2013 standard
  • Shipping weight: Shower - 100 lb.; Shower System - 178 lb.
  • Water output at 80 psi (1.3 gpm per shower head)
    • Single stall = 7.8 gpm
    • 2-stall = 15.6 gpm
    • 4-stall = 31.2 gpm
  • Assembled Dimensions:
    • 4-stall - Height: 83", Depth (entry to exit): 41", Width: 120"
    • 2-stall - Height: 83", Depth (entry to exit): 41", Width: 62"
  • Inside Stall Dimensions:
    • Height: 78.25", Depth: unbounded pass through, Width: 28"
  • Storage Dimensions:
    • 2 vinyl carry bags ea 60" long by 12" dia (approx.)

Contents - MasCas II Decontamination Shower (HM4200)

  • MasCas II Decontamination Shower
  • Two Handheld Fan Sprayers, each with 8' blue hose
  • Five Stall Partition Screens with Mesh Bag
  • Two Blue Vinyl Carry Bags
  • Two ground straps and stakes
  • Two Water Pressure Regulators
  • Four Brass Shutoffs
  • One Red "DECON" Flag with Pole

Contents - MasCas II Decon Shower System (HMK4201)

  • MasCas II Decontamination Shower (HM4200)
  • Flexible Containment Pool (HM1047D)- 4.75’ x 12' x 6"
    • 22 oz. vinyl
    • Aluminum L-brackets support sidewalls
    • Vinyl Carry Bag
  • Four Elevation Grids (HM1023S) - 3' x 2' x 2.8"

Additional Info



  • ANSI/ISEA 113-2013 standard compliant (American National Standard for Fixed and Portable Decontamination Shower Units)



08D2-03-SHWR (Shower, Portable Decontamination)

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