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Emergency Department Vest Set image

Emergency Department Vest Set


Identify team members and responsibilities easily using color coded vests with printed titles. These identification vests are constructed of a proprietary, non-woven, breathable synthetic material,...…

Evacuation Go-Pouch image

Evacuation Go-Pouch


The Evacuation Go-Pouch is a versatile, self-contained system designed to be used by staff to assess and prepare evacuees for evacuation. The Go-Pouch contains and secures vital information,...

HICS Command Toolbox image

HICS Command Toolbox


The HICS Command Toolbox enhances your hospital emergency response capability by providing an organized set of tools to perform HICS management procedures. Its contents are specifically designed to...

HICS Forms - Complete Set image

HICS Forms - Complete Set


Individually wrapped sets of up-to-date, 2014 HICS Forms printed for quick use.  Available As HICS Forms (IC2002) Specifications HICS Forms (IC2002) Contains the following...

HICS 67 Position HIMT Chart - Dry Erase image

HICS HIMT Charts - Dry Erase

$225.00 - $425.00

The HICS HIMT Charts will assist you in easily deploying HICS procedures. It is an essential tool to assist incident command staff in tracking personnel who are assigned to key positions in the...

HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set image

HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set


Identify Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) members and responsibilities easily during your facility's incident response using these color-coded vests with printed titles. These...

HICS Vests - Evacuation Branch image

HICS Vests - Evacuation Branch & Group

$68.75 - $287.50

These HICS style vests identify evacuation incident management positions for a particular unit/department. The position names are printed on both the front and the back with a reflective strip sewn...

HICS Vests - Complete Set image

Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Vests

$24.00 - $380.00

Identify Hospital Incident Command team members and responsibilities easily using color coded vests with printed titles. These identification vests are constructed of a proprietary, non-woven,...

PACE Evacuation Toolbox image

PACE Evacuation Toolbox


PACE stands for Patient Assessment & Command Essentials. The PACE Evacuation Toolbox is an organized set of essential tools that helps staff ready their patients and prepare their unit for...

Patient Information & Tracking Form image

Patient Information & Tracking Form


The Patient Information & Tracking Form records vital information from initial assessment to the point of departure. The form includes critical patient care information such as allergies, primary.…

Patient Mobility Level Wristbands image

Patient Mobility Level Wristbands


Identify a patient's mobility level for evacuation with the Patient Mobility Level Wristbands. These color-coded evacuation wristbands indicate whether a patient mobility level is walking, needs...