Decontamination Brushes & Sponges

Decontamination Brushes & Sponges

To properly complete the decontamination process you must have the proper brushes and supplies to thoroughly remove contaminant. These soft-bristle brushes, chemical resistant brushes and other decon supplies will assist you in the decontamination process.

Decon Shower Sponge image

Decon Shower Sponge


The Decon Sponge allows patients to decon themselves gently and thoroughly. Keep several on hand to ensure adequate supply. Available As Decon Shower Sponge (HM556) Specifications Decon Show…

Decon Responder Brush image

Decon Responder Brush


Long-handled brush enables HazMat responders to thoroughly decontaminate protective suits prior to doffing. Available As Decon Responder Brush (HM550) Specifications Decon Responder Brus…

Supersoft Decon Brush image

Supersoft Decon Brush

$15.60 - $24.18

Supersoft flagged nylon bristles are gentle on both protective clothing and skin. Available in 8" or 10" for use with either the Decon Brush Handle(HM544) or the Telescoping Decon Brush Handle(HM545).…

Decon Brush image

Decon Shower Body Brush


Soft brush for cleaning substances from skin during decontamination. Contaminated people can doff their clothing and use this decon shower body brush during the HazMat decontamination process. Add thi…

Telescoping Flow-Thru Decon Brush Handle image

Telescoping Flow-Thru Decon Brush Handle


Telescoping brush handle that fits all DQE brush heads. Available As Telescoping Flow-Thru Decon Brush Handle (HM545) Specifications Telescoping Flow- Thru Decon Brush Handle (HM545) Leng…

Decon Brush Handle image

Decon Brush Handle


Brush handle for decontamination process. Measures 60" long. Available As Decon Brush Handle (HM544) Specifications Decon Brush Handle (HM544) Standard duty fiberglass 15/16" pole handle …

Chemical Resistant Decon Brush image

Chemical Resistant Decon Brush


The Chemical Resistant Flow-Thru Decon Brush has medium bristles for efficient but gentle cleaning of protective gear. For use with either the Decon Brush Handle(HM544) or the Telescoping Decon Brush …

Disposable Washcloths image

Disposable Washcloths


Soft, absorbent washcloths for use in decontamination and mass care events. 40 washcloths per box. Available As Disposable Washcloths (HM706) Specifications Disposable Washcloths (HM706) Ma…

Decon Sprayer image

Decon Sprayer

$24.19 - $42.08

This portable decon sprayer makes it easy to apply soap solutions during the decon process. Available As Decon Sprayer - 2 Gallon (HM6210) Decon Sprayer - 1 Gallon (HM6211) Specifications …