Supersoft Decon Brush

SKU: #HM540|HM541

Supersoft flagged nylon bristle, flow-thru brush with bumper for gentle decontamination of skin and equipment.

$15.60 - $24.18


Supersoft flagged nylon bristles are gentle on both protective clothing and skin. Available in 8" or 10" for use with either the Decon Brush Handle(HM544) or the Telescoping Decon Brush Handle(HM545).

Available As

  • Supersoft Decon Brush - 8" (HM540)
  • Supersoft Decon Brush - 10" (HM541)


Supersoft Decon Brush (HM540), (HM541)

  • Flagged soft nylon bristles
  • Bristle color may vary
  • Durable to decontaminate HazMat suits, but gentle enough for decontaminating skin.
  • Flow-thru capability (Flow-thru handle sold separately)
  • Available in 8" or 10'


  • One brush head

Additional Info

public Available for International Sale