Emergency Beds

Emergency Beds

Beds and cots provide a range of comfort, size, and user needs to meet your facility's requirements. These medical beds support critical needs during a pandemic, natural disaster, or other emergency event. Made in North America, these emergency beds can be quickly deployed to triage centers and pop-up areas of care, to hospital emergency departments and military field hospitals. 

Field Hospital Bed image

Field Hospital Bed with Side Rails and IV Pole


This sturdy emergency field hospital bed comes standard with adjustable side rails and IV pole. Easily transition patients in and out of bed with the removable side rails on both sides. The five head …

FEMA-ADA Cot with Side Rails image

FEMA-ADA Cot with Side Rails

$315.00 - $360.00

This lightweight, durable FEMA-approved medical cot has side rails with an optional IV pole. The FEMA-ADA Cot has a 2" vinyl-covered foam mattress that secures to the frame and rests on a deck of PVC-…

Cholera Replacement Bed Deck image

Cholera Bed Replacement Deck


Nylon Deck to replace the one for the Cholera Bed  (MC4038) Cholera Bed Replacement Deck (MC4038R) Nylon Deck for Cholera Bed 7" hole in deck to accommodate severely ill patients that n…

Folding Chair image

Folding Chair


This comfortable and sturdy folding chair is economical for any alternative care, decon, hazmat, or rehab site. The chair folds to 1" thick for easy storage. Available As Folding Chair (MC4047) …

Cholera Bed image

Cholera Bed

$88.00 - $98.00

The Cholera Bed has a 7" hole in the nylon deck to allow weak and severely ill patients to go to the bathroom without leaving the bed. Minimum purchase quantity of 5 beds. Available As Cholera Bed…

Deluxe Adjustable Bed w/ IV Pole image

Deluxe Adjustable Bed w/ IV Pole

$350.00 - $392.00

This adjustable bed is the most useful bed for medical care, this adjustable steel bed can easily be adjustable to 4 headrest and 4 leg positions. Minimum purchase quantity of 5 beds. Available As …

Adjustable Bed image

Adjustable Bed

$205.00 - $225.00

This collapsible bed allows head and feet to be adjusted independently. Minimum purchase quantity of 5 beds. Available As Adjustable Bed (MC4030) Adjustable Bed with IV Pole (MC4030-IV) …

Army Cots image

Army Cots


The Army Cot offers enhanced stability, along with compact storage to maximize space. This cot is all one piece for easy setup and breaking down. Box of 2. Available As Army Cots (MC4046) Spe…

Economy Cot image

Economy Cot


This lightweight cot's tempered steel springs support the 100% polyester fabric with PVC backing. Available As Economy Cot (MC4039) Economy Cots (20) with Cart (MC4039CART) Specifications …

Extra Wide Cot image

Extra Wide Cot


This economical cot is designed for easy storage: simply pull mattress through frame opening on the underside of the bed, and fold at hinges. Minimum purchase quantity of 5 beds. Available As Ex…