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Drum Repair Kit "D" image

Drum Repair Kit "D"

$350.00 - $525.00

This drum repair kit contains components to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of containers which allow liquid or bulk hazardous material to leak. Available As Drum Repair Kit...…

First On Scene Kit "F-1" image

First On Scene Kit "F-1"


The First On Scene Kit "F-1" by Edwards and Cromwell is the fuel spill kit you need to stop a leak fast. Designed primarily to repair a semi diesel fuel tank leak, this kit contains simple proven...

Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3" image

Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3"

$430.00 - $750.00

This Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3" is a stand by hazmat kit for your emergency response arsenal for when the inevitable leaking pipe presents itself. The Large Pipe Leak Kit by Edwards and Cromwell...

Pipe Plugger Kit "C-1" image

Pipe Plugger Kit "C-1"


This Pipe Plugger Kit "C-1" by Edwards and Cromwell provides plugs for gas meters, tank truck valves, water pipes, and hundreds of other uses. Available As Pipe Plugger Kit "C-1"...

Rollover Kit "F" image

Rollover Kit "F"


The Rollover Kit "F" by Edwards and Cromwell is for large holes in tanker trucks or cars that do not require wrapping chains or cables around the vessel. The patch is a neoprene face with stainless...

Small Pipe Leak Kit "C-2" image

Small Pipe Leak Kit "C-2"

$490.00 - $795.00

The External Pipe Leak Control Kit "C-2" by Edwards and Cromwell contains a complete set of external pipe bandages covering nominal pipe sizes from 1/2" to 4". This leak control kit can be...

Universal Leak Control Kit "AE" image

Universal Leak Control Kit "AE"

$625.00 - $985.00

The Universal Leak Control Kit "AE" by Edwards and Cromwell is designed to cover small to medium holes in any type of low pressure vessel. Covers pin, convex, concave and flat surface holes of all...…

Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" image

Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS"


The Wedges, Putty & "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" by Edwards and Cromwell combats multiple forms of leaks with a variety of supplies. Available As Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS"...