Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS"

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Hazardous materials leak control kit with multiple forms of leak stopping supplies.



The Wedges, Putty & "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" by Edwards and Cromwell combats multiple forms of leaks with a variety of supplies. This comprehensive leak patch kit includes patching tools, lead wool, plug rug, premix putty, wooden wedges and dowels, fix stix and stop-it pipe repair system, providing a complete response to any sudden and unexpected leakages.

Available As

  • Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" (HMS1508)


Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" (HMS1508)

  • All components available separately - call for additional information and pricing
  • Edwards and Cromwell Kit WPS


  • Stop-It Pipe Repair System - Fiberglass tape coated with polyurethane resin activated when immersed in water (2" x 4", 2" x 12", 4" x 12")
    • Use the Stop-It tape by wrapping it around the pipe where its leaking. Works on straight runs, T's, and elbows. Works on small flange leaks when used with the Fix Stix.
  • Fix Stix
    • Use the Fix Stix by kneading it until its a uniform color, and apply. Works on cracks and small holes. Also can be used on wet, flat or curved surfaces, and pipes, flanges, elbows, and T's.
  • Wooden wedges and dowels
  • Lead wool
    • Use lead wool to repair stress fractures in tanks and welds. It can also be used on pipe connections where the threads meet the T's, elbows and flanges.
  • Safety rubber mallet
  • Hot or cold hose tape
  • 1 lb. Premix Plug-n-Dike Putty
    • Premixed putty to apply directly to the a hole.
  • Plug N Dike plug rug - 8" x 8"
    • Apply to hole in tank or place over drain.
  • Carrying case

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03OE-03-KTCL  (Kit, Chemical Leak Control)

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