Standard Collection Pool - 4' x 8'

SKU: #HM1048AB|HM1048SB

4' x 8' wastewater containment pool for two DQE single-stall showers or the Standard Shower upgrades.

$595.00 - $748.00


Contain wastewater during decon operations with the Standard Collection Pool. This 4' x 8' collection pool is ideal for your decontamination equipment. It is sturdy enough to support a patient on a backboard and can hold two DQE Standard Showers for dual decontamination. The pool folds for easy storage and features integrated carry handles for quick deployment. The sturdy frame deploys and collapses quickly for easy set-up and tear-down.

Read the review for the Standard Collection Pool in the FEMA Technical Decontamination Support Systems Assessment Report. The decon pool received the highest evaluator scores in all categories: deployability, capability, usability, affordability, and maintainability.

Available As

  • Standard Collection Pool - 4' x 8' -Aluminum-frame (HM1048AB)
  • Standard Collection Pool - 4' x 8' -Steel-frame (HM1048SB)


Standard Collection Pool - 4' x 8' (HM1048AB), (HM1048SB)

  • Dimensions: unfolded, 4' x 8' x 14"; folded, 4' x 14" x 14"
  • Weight: (Steel-frame) 53 lb; (Aluminum-frame) 47 lb
  • 300 gallon capacity
  • Utilizes two Elevation Grids (HM1023) - sold separately
  • Replacement liner available (HM1050)


  • One collection pool

Additional Info



08D2-01-LDCD  (Device, Liquid Decontamination Containment)

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