Decon Team Cooling Vests

SKU: #RP6101 | RP6105 | RP61012

The perfect accessory to your hospital decon program. Cool packs sold separately.

$52.00 - $820.00


These vests are functional within ICS and provide decon team-specific identification as well as optional cooling comfort for those in, or out of, protective suits. The Cool Packs (RP606) that fit in the vest pockets are sold separately.

Available As

  • Decon Team Cooling Vests - 12 pack (RP61012)
  • Decon Team Cooling Vests - 5 pack (RP6105)
  • Decon Team Cooling Vest - Single (RP6101)


Decon Team Cooling Vests (RP61012), (RP6105), (RP6101)

  • One size fits all
  • Each vest has pockets for two Cool Packs (sold separately) on the front and two on the back panel
  • For details on how many titles are included in each set see below. Titles are also available for individual sale.


Decon Team Cooling Vests - 12 pack (RP61012)

  • 12 Cooling Vests
    • 1 Decon Team Leader
    • 2 Operations Team
    • 2 Suit Support
    • 3 Equipment Support
    • 4 Security
  • Duffel bag

 Decon Team Cooling Vests - 5 pack (RP6105)

  • 5 Cooling Vests
    • 1 Decon Team Leader
    • 2 Operations Team
    • 1 Suit Support
    • 1 Equipment Support
  • Duffel Bag

Decon Team Cooling Vest - Single (RP6101)

  • One vest
  • No identifying title

Additional Info


01ZA-06-COOL (Garment/Vest/Device, Cooling)