Rehab Area Toolbox

SKU: #RH2020

Set up a fire rehab area with ease with the Rehab Area Toolbox.



The Rehab Area Toolbox contains supplies for setting up a rehab area and evaluating the medical status of responders.

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Rehab Area Toolbox (RH2020)

  • Rehab Resource Guide (RH2023) - Pack of 3 - Practical resource on setting up a rehab area and medical conditions that may be encountered during a response. Spiral bound and made of durable, water and tear-resistant paper.

  • Rehab ID Vests (RH2027) - Pack of 4 - Identify rehab workers during an emergency response incident. The lime green vests with reflective stripes are printed with rehab on the front and back. Made of durable nylon mesh material.

  • Rehab Area Signs (RH2021) - Pack of 5 - Designate the various areas within a rehab setup. Signs are easily hung on the shelter with attached magnet clips. The pack of five weather resistant signs designate the areas: Medical Monitoring, Gear Drop, Check In/Out, Rest and Recovery, and EMS Treatment.

  • Check In/Out Notepad (RH2024) - Set of 3 - Twenty-page tablet for recording names, department, unit, and company of firefighters and emergency responders reporting to rehab.

  • Medical Monitoring Notepad (RH2025) - 2 Sets of 3 - Twenty-page tablet for recording vital signs, medical status, and rehab measures taken.

  • Rehab Timing Clock (RH2022) - Electronic clock with large backlit display for referencing rehab area check-in and check-out time.

  • Safety Seals (RP700) - Uniquely numbered seals deter entry, yet are easily removed. Use to control inventory in Rehab Shelter Package storage bins.