HazMat Remediation Tools

HazMat Remediation Tools

HazMat responders depend on the right quality gear for HazMat cleanup to get the job done properly the first time. We are committed to helping you have a smart response with tough, lightweight, and economical HazMat remediation tools. HazMat response teams across the country depend on this line of safety products for help in cleaning up our environment. Specifically designed for spill kits and environmental and industrial clean-up applications, these tools are rugged, non-sparking and chemically resistant.

Compact Extension Handle image

Compact Extension Handle


A stiff but lightweight extension handle that features honeycomb construction with smooth, chemically resistant gel-coat surfaces. This compact handle is extendable for easy storage and extended reach…

Compact Telescoping Shovel image

Compact Telescoping Shovel


Compact Telescoping Shovel is ideal for spill kit applications as well as as a wide variety of other uses. Its unique telescoping handle collapses for compact storage. Sturdy clip locks handle in plac…

Equipment Decon Station System image

Equipment Decon Station System


The Equipment Decon Station brings the task of decontaminating equipment up to a working height of 36". The table is slotted to allow water to flow through into a containment pool. Available As Eq…

Hazards Cleanup Tool Kit image

Hazards Cleanup Toolkit


The Hazards Cleanup Toolkit is perfect for those situations when you are not sure what you will be facing. This emergency cleanup kit is contained in a tough, chemical-resistant, PVC vinyl duffle with…

Hazmat Squeegee - Blade Only image

Hazmat Squeegee - Blade Only


These squeegees provide a tough, economical solution to chemical cleanup. For use with the Compact Extension Handle (HMS1517). The curved blade pushes large volumes of liquid and contains spill area m…

Large Scoop image

Large Scoop


Get a better grip on your material handling jobs with this rugged large scoop. Molded in one piece of thick-walled polypropylene, its extremely durable and makes quick work of moving all kinds of bulk…

Long Handled Bench Brush image

Long Handled Bench Brush


Resin set long handled brush with soft polyester bristles. Ideal for sweeping fine dry particles. The fully molded bristles are laid out in a unique pattern to allow for greater efficiency when cleani…

Medium Bristle Brush - Head Only image

Medium Bristle Brush - Head Only


Keep your floors and drains sparkling clean with this Medium Bristle Brush. Available As Medium Bristle Brush - Head Only (HMS1519) Specifications Medium Bristle Brush - Head Only (HMS1519) …

Push Broom - Head Only image

Push Broom - Head Only


Stiff bristle broom for a variety of hazmat cleanup jobs. The heavy duty broom has long, thick bristles, which makes it ideal for sweeping heavy debris. Attaches to the Compact Extension Handle (HMS15…

Round Scrub Brush image

Round Scrub Brush


Round brush with contoured handle for a comfortable sure grip and strong cleaning action. This multi-purpose brush can be used in suit and equipment decon. Available As Round Scrub Brush (HMS521) …

Short Handled Brush image

Short Handled Brush


This short handled, chemical resistant brush is designed to fit your hand for easy cleanup. This highly durable brush is excellent for remediation and equipment decontamination. Available As Short…

Tool Brush image

Tool Brush


Stiff-bristled tool brush for decontaminating hard to reach surfaces. Excellent for cleaning respirators, helmets, monitors, or other hazmat equipment. Available As Tool Brush (HMS1523) Spe…