Hazards Cleanup Toolkit

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Grab and go with all of the tools you need for almost any type of spill.



The Hazards Cleanup Toolkit is perfect for those situations when you are not sure what you will be facing. This emergency cleanup kit is contained in a tough, chemical-resistant, PVC vinyl duffle with shoulder strap, carry handles, and drain holes that is easy to decon after use. This spill kit includes brushes, brooms, shovels, and squeegees that are non-sparking, with corrosion and chemical resistance to be ready for contact with hazardous substances. These spill response tools are ideal for use in sensitive environments during hazmat cleanup. The 4,480 cubic inch, black bag provides extra space for any sorbents or other gear for environmental cleanup that you wish to carry.

Available As

  • Hazards Cleanup Toolkit (HMS1510)


Hazards Cleanup Toolkit (HMS1510)

  • Duffle dimensions: 28" length x 16" tall x 10" wide
  • Total weight - 15 lb


  • Duffle Bag
    • Chemical resistant, PVC vinyl duffle with shoulder strap, carry handles, and drain holes
    • Color: Black
  • Two-Piece Safety Shovel (HMS1512)
    • 14" wide blade
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Excellent design for efficient storage with fast, screw-in handle assembly
  • Push Broom Head (HMS1514)
    • Brush broom with stiff bristles for a variety of hazmat cleanup jobs
  • Long Handled Bench Brush (HMS1515)
    • Long handle brush with fully molded bristles laid out in a unique pattern to allow for greater efficiency when cleaning
  • HazMat Squeegee Blade (HMS1516)
    • This curved blade, large squeegee pushes large volumes of liquid and contains spill areas more effectively than smaller straight-edged models
  • Medium Bristle Brush (HMS1519)
    • Tank brush with 1.5" stiff black polyester bristles
    • Dimensions: 5.5" x 8"
  • Large Scoop (HMS1518)
  • Compact Extension Handle (HMS1517)
    • Long handle for hazmat clean-up brushes & squeegee blades
  • Toolbrush (HMS1523)
    • Stiff polyester 1" bristles
    • Brush length: 11"
  • Equipment Protection Mats (HM1031)
    • Convenient, easy clean, and reusable mats for equipment or items awaiting decon
Individual kit items also sold separately

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03OE-04-KTTL (Kit, Tool, Miscellaneous, Non-sparking)

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