HazMat Gear & Equipment

HazMat Gear & Equipment

DQE applies the experience and insight of HazMat responders and industry professionals in developing and selecting high-quality HazMat products for varying applications. Hazardous Material Response Teams work in an increasing amount of complex and dangerous situations where threats come from a variety of unknown chemical hazards, so responders need proper HazMat team equipment to perform effectively.

DQE carries a functional group of HazMat leak control kits containing proven and versatile components for emergency or temporary leak control from proven manufacturers like Edwards and Cromwell and The Chlorine Institute. Non-sparking tools and remediation tools assist in hazardous material cleanup.

Adjustable Dome Clamp image

Adjustable Dome Clamp


Fire departments, environmental contractors, HazMat teams, and trucking companies use Adjustable Dome Clamps to secure dome lids on MC 306 and DOT 406 tanker trucks in an emergency situation. A DQE ex…

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B" image

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "B"


The Chlorine Kit "B" (re-designed in 2014) includes devices and tools to contain leaks in and around chlorine ton container valves and in the side wall of ton containers. Chlorine emergency kit suppli…

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C" image

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C"


Responders trust the Chlorine Institute's Emergency Kit "C" for emergency leaks and spills from rail cars, and cargo tanks transporting chlorine. Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C" includes devices …

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "A" image

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "A"


When there is a chlorine leak in your facility, turn to the trusted Chlorine Institute's emergency kits. The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "A" includes devices and tools to contain hazardous leaks …

Non-Sparking Pail Opener image

Non-Sparking Pail Opener


Non-sparking pail opener for use with flammable material. Available As Non-Sparking Pail Opener (HMS1571) Specifications Non-Sparking Pail Opener (HMS1571) Glass-filled plastic Length:…

Foam-Wall Containment Pool image

Foam-Wall Containment Pool


This vinyl containment pool has sturdy foam side walls for durable containment of spills and decon runoff. Available As Foam-Wall Containment Pool (HM1081) Specifications Foam-Wall Containme…

Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" image

Wedges, Putty, and "Stop-It" Kit "WPS"


The Wedges, Putty & "Stop-It" Kit "WPS" by Edwards and Cromwell combats multiple forms of leaks with a variety of supplies. This comprehensive leak patch kit includes patching tools, lead woo…

HazMat Tool Sash image

HazMat Tool Sash


A DQE original, the HazMat Tool Sash is the most practical way to carry tools into the hot zone. It easily fits over personal protective gear and provides a hands-free solution for carrying the right …

Equipment Decon Station System image

Equipment Decon Station System


The Equipment Decon Station brings the task of decontaminating equipment up to a working height of 36". The table is slotted to allow water to flow through into a containment pool. Available As Eq…

Two-Piece Safety Shovel image

Two-Piece Safety Shovel


The two piece shovel assembles quickly for use in hazmat response, industrial applications, and environmental cleanup. Available As Two-Piece Safety Shovel (HMS1512) Specifications Two-Piece…

Hazards Cleanup Toolkit image

Hazards Cleanup Toolkit


The Hazards Cleanup Toolkit is perfect for those situations when you are not sure what you will be facing. This emergency cleanup kit is contained in a tough, chemical-resistant, PVC vinyl duffle with…