HazMat Gear & Equipment

HazMat Gear & Equipment

DQE applies the experience and insight of HazMat responders and industry professionals in developing and selecting high-quality HazMat products for varying applications. Hazardous Material Response Teams work in an increasing amount of complex and dangerous situations where threats come from a variety of unknown chemical hazards, so responders need proper HazMat team equipment to perform effectively.

DQE carries a functional group of HazMat leak control kits containing proven and versatile components for emergency or temporary leak control from proven manufacturers like Edwards and Cromwell and The Chlorine Institute. Non-sparking tools and remediation tools assist in hazardous material cleanup.

Indian Springs ERK image

Indian Springs ERK - Multipurpose Tank-Car Kit


The Emergency Response Kit (ERK) fits a wide range of railcar housings, trucks, and stationary tank arrangements. This kit works with standard chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia housings. The ERK h…

Six inch flexible containment pool image

Flexible Containment Pool - 6"


The heavy-duty 22 oz. vinyl fabric is highly resistant to tears and punctures, folds up compactly for storage, and can be decontaminated for reuse. These extra deep berms resist most low concentration…

Indestructo Pool image

Indestructo Pool - 4' x 4' x 6"


The Indestructo pool features heavy-duty fabric which provides superior performance over standard PVC vinyl. The tough, 30 oz material meets or exceeds several ASTM standards including cold temperatur…

HazMat Spill Kit 5 Gallon image

Spill Kit - 5 Gallon


When a hazardous spill occurs, a quick response is crucial. It is important to have the right sorbents and safety wear on hand when these spills occur. Handle nearly any type of caustic, hazardous or…

Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3" image

Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3"

$451.25 - $787.55

This Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3" is a stand by hazmat kit for your emergency response arsenal for when the inevitable leaking pipe presents itself. The Large Pipe Leak Kit by Edwards and Cromwell contai…

Leak Control Kit with Offset T-Patches "A-1" image

Leak Control Kit with Offset T-Patches "A-1"

$747.65 - $1,003.20

The Leak Control Kit with Offset T-Patches "A-1" by Edwards and Cromwell allows you to patch difficult holes, such as cracks close to the edge of tanks or supports, and cracks that toggle wings will n…

Small Pipe Leak Kit "C-2" image

Small Pipe Leak Kit "C-2"

$511.00 - $836.00

The External Pipe Leak Control Kit "C-2" by Edwards and Cromwell contains a complete set of external pipe bandages covering nominal pipe sizes from 1/2" to 4". This leak control kit can be utiliz…

Drum Repair Kit "D" image

Drum Repair Kit "D"

$366.70 - $550.05

This drum repair kit contains components to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of containers which allow liquid or bulk hazardous material to leak. Available As Drum Repair Kit "D…

Universal Leak Control Kit "AE" image

Universal Leak Control Kit "AE"

$655.50 - $911.05

The Universal Leak Control Kit "AE" by Edwards and Cromwell is designed to cover small to medium holes in any type of low pressure vessel. Covers pin, convex, concave and flat surface holes of all sha…

First On Scene Kit "F-1" image

First On Scene Kit "F-1"


The First On Scene Kit "F-1" by Edwards and Cromwell is the fuel spill kit you need to stop a leak fast. Designed primarily to repair a semi diesel fuel tank leak, this kit contains simple proven leak…

Foam Sealing Plug - Small image

Foam Sealing Plug - Small


Use these foam plugs as an economical, fast, leak sealing solution for sealing unpressurized pipes, storage containers, rail cars and even boat hulls. Kit includes golf ball shaped plug infused with w…

Foam Sealing Plug - Large image

Foam Sealing Plug - Large


Use these large foam plugs as an economical, fast, leak sealing solution for sealing unpressurized pipes, storage containers, rail cars and even boat hulls. Kit includes football shaped plug infused w…