Rehab Shelter Supplies

Rehab Shelter Supplies

Get relief from climatic conditions and establish space for medical monitoring, cooling/ warming, rehydration, and recovery with the fire Rehab Shelter products. Rehab shelter products are available in a convenient rehab package or available individually. Supplies for establishing a rehab area include: rehab shelterfolding tablerehab chairsfolding chairscotclean-up dispenser, and rehab area toolbox.

Rehab Relaxation Chair image

Rehab Relaxation Chair


Enjoy this Rehab Relaxation Chair while resting during rehab. The chair has a cushioned back, seat, and cushioned armrests for extra comfort. The Rehab Relaxation Chair is constructed of heavy ny…

Medical Monitoring Notepad image

Medical Monitoring Notepad


Twenty page tablet with a form for recording medical monitoring information. Available As Medical Monitoring Notepad (RH2025) Included in the Rehab Area Toolbox (RH2020) Specifications Me…

Check In/Out Notepad image

Check In/Out Notepad


Keep Your CoreTM and be organized with Check In/Out Notepads monitoring who has entered in and out of the rehab area. Twenty page tablet with a form for recording names, department, unit, and company …

Economy Cot image

Economy Cot


This lightweight cot's tempered steel springs support the 100% polyester fabric with PVC backing. Available As Economy Cot (MC4039) Economy Cots (20) with Cart (MC4039CART) Specifications …

Sack-It Clean-Up Bags image

Sack-It Clean-Up Bags


Collect, contain, and identify contaminated clothing, linens, or refuse simply and affordability. Available As Sack-It Clean-up Bags - 20 Replacement Bags (HM380) Sack-It Clean-up Dispenser…

LED Work Light image

LED Work Light


The LED Work Light can hang either horizontally or vertically to light emergency preparedness work areas such as Mobile Command Shelters. Available As LED Work Light (RP4650) Specifications LE…

Sack-It Clean-Up Dispenser image

Sack-It Clean-Up Dispenser


Collect, contain, and identify contaminated clothing, linens, or refuse simply and affordability. Available As Sack-It Clean-Up Dispenser (HM375) Sack-It Clean-up Bags - 20 Replacement Bags…

Rehab Area Toolbox image

Rehab Area Toolbox


The Rehab Area Toolbox contains supplies for setting up a rehab area and evaluating the medical status of responders. Available As Rehab Area Toolbox (RH2020) Included in the Rehab Shelter Packag…

Rehab Area Signs image

Rehab Area Signs


Keep Your CoreTM and create an easy to navigate rehab area with Rehab Area Signs. Rehab Area Signs are easily hung on the shelter with attached magnet clips. The pack of five, weather-resistant s…

Rehab Area Shelter image

Rehab Area Shelter


Creating a safe area for firefighter rehabilitation starts with setting up this Rehab Area Shelter. "REHAB" is printed on two sides of the shelter for easy identification in the cold zone. This shelte…

Extension Cord image

Extension Cord


The Extension Cord is safe for outdoor use with the any equipment that requires electricity. Contains three grounded outlets and a water-resistant connector. A power indicator light is visible when th…

Folding Chair image

Folding Chair


This comfortable and sturdy folding chair is economical for any alternative care, decon, hazmat, or rehab site. The chair folds to 1" thick for easy storage. Available As Folding Chair (MC4047) …