Indestructo Pool - 4' x 4' x 6"

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High-performance containment pool for demanding environments and chemical challenges.



The Indestructo pool features heavy-duty fabric which provides superior performance over standard PVC vinyl. The tough, 30 oz material meets or exceeds several ASTM standards including cold temperature crack resistance down to -30°F (-34°C) with high burst, puncture, and abrasion resistance. The chemical resistance properties make it an ideal choice when managing petrochemicals, such as crude oil and jet fuels. The material is also resistant to a wide range of acidic compounds. Custom pool sizes available.

Available As

  • Indestructo Pool - 4'x4'x6" (HM1085)


Indestructo Pool - 4'x4'x6" (HM1085)

  • Black 30 oz, Berry compliant, heavy-duty liner 
  • 100% welded construction 
  • Double thick, self-supporting sidewalls and corners 
  • Grommets at each corner for anchoring convenience 
  • Berm lips reinforced with fiberglass rod 
  • Attached Velcro strap to secure rolled pool when stored 
  • Key physical characteristics: 
    • 40/55 lb min Trapezoidal Tear Strength per ASTM D4533 (Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Geotextiles)
    • -30°F (-34°C) crack resistance per ASTM D2136 (Coated Fabrics-Low-Temperature Bend Test)
    • 750 lb min Burst Strength per ASTM D751 (Coated Fabric Tensile Testing)
    • High Abrasion Resistance per ASTM D3389 (Coated Fabrics Abrasion Resistance Test)
    • High Weathering Resistance per ASTM G153 including High UV Resistance and 10-year material manufacturer weathering warranty
  • Fits conveniently under the Indestructo Decontamination Shower

Note: Flexible sidewall pools are intended to temporarily contain shower runoff or other hazmat fluids until transferred to an appropriate containment vessel. These pools should not be filled beyond 2/3 of their sidewall height.


  • One containment pool

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08D2-01-LDCD (Device, Liquid Decontamination Containment)


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