Foam-Wall Containment Pool

SKU: #HM1081

Quick deploying collection pool for versatile use in decon and HazMat operations.



This vinyl containment pool has sturdy foam side walls for durable containment of spills and decon runoff.

Available As

  • Foam-Wall Containment Pool (HM1081)


Foam-Wall Containment Pool (HM1081)

  • 2.5' x 5' x 4" pool
  • Fits under Equipment Decon Station (HM1080)
  • Made of 22 oz. vinyl
  • Foam side walls
  • Weight: 8 lb

Note: Foam-wall pools are intended to temporarily contain shower runoff or other hazmat fluids until transferred to an appropriate containment vessel. These pools should not be filled beyond 2/3 of their sidewall height.


  • One containment pool

Additional Info


08D2-01-LDCD (Device, Liquid Decontamination Containment )

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