Decon Privacy Corridor Upgrade Kit

SKU: #HM1003

The heavy-duty enclosure creates a system of three private chambers for each stage in the decontamination process.



This Decontamination Privacy Corridor Upgrade Kit converts a Standard Decontamination Shower into three-stage decontamination. In this 3 stage decon system, patients disrobe and prepare for showering in stall one, shower in stall two, then proceed to stall three to dry off. They then don a patient gown and prepare for further treatment or transport. Roof panels allow light into the corridor for safety every step of the way.

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Decon Privacy Corridor Upgrade Kit (HM1003)

  • Three-stall vinyl enclosure
  • PVC supports
  • Vinyl carrybags for PVC and enclosure

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08D2-03-SHWR (Shower, Portable Decontamination)

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