Cleanup Broom Handle image

Cleanup Broom Handle


A sturdy, lightweight handle that is free of crevices which can trap contaminants. Constructed of smooth, chemically-resistant polypropylene. Handle ridges and matte finish improves grip. For use...

Compact Telescoping Shovel image

Compact Telescoping Shovel


Compact Telescoping Shovel is ideal for spill kit applications as well as as a wide variety of other uses. Its unique telescoping handle collapses for compact storage. Sturdy clip locks handle in...

Hazmat Squeegee - Blade Only image

HazMat Squeegee - Blade Only


The double non-porous rubber blade effectively removes most fluids from all types of smooth surface floors. The cartridge system blades can be removed for easy cleaning after use. Attaches to...

Long Handled Bench Brush image

Long Handled Bench Brush


Resin set long handled brush with soft polyester bristles. Ideal for sweeping fine dry particles. The fully molded bristles are laid out in a unique pattern to allow for greater efficiency when...

Medium Bristle Brush - Head Only image

Medium Bristle Brush - Head Only


Stiff bristles in a compact head for dislodging stubborn material from tight spaces. Excellent choice to reach material around bases of equipment. Attaches to Cleanup Broom Handle (HMS15175)...

Non-Sparking Wire Brush image

Non-Sparking Wire Brush


This Non-Sparking Wire Brush for use in flammable environments. The Hazardous Materials Response Technology Assessment by the US Fire Administration/ Federal Emergency Management Agency (USFA/FEMA)..…

Push Broom - Head Only image

Push Broom - Head Only


This broom has two types of bristles for a variety of HazMat cleanup jobs. The stiff bristles loosen stubborn dirt and the soft bristles sweep heavy debris. Attaches to the Cleanup Broom Handle...

Round Scrub Brush image

Round Scrub Brush


Round brush with contoured handle for a comfortable sure grip and strong cleaning action. This multi-purpose brush can be used in suit and equipment decon. Available As Round Scrub Brush...

Short Handled Brush image

Short Handled Brush


This short handled, chemical resistant brush is designed to fit your hand for easy cleanup. This highly durable brush is excellent for remediation and equipment decontamination. Available...

Tool Brush image

Tool Brush


Stiff-bristled tool brush for decontaminating hard to reach surfaces. Excellent for cleaning respirators, helmets, monitors, or other hazmat equipment. Available As Tool Brush...

Two-Piece Safety Shovel image

Two-Piece Safety Shovel


The two piece shovel assembles quickly for use in hazmat response, industrial applications, and environmental cleanup. Available As Two-Piece Safety Shovel...