Gross Carcinogen Decontamination

Gross Carcinogen Decontamination

Following exit from the immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) incident you should begin immediate gross decon of PPE (washing gear, boots, helmets, etc.) on the fireground. PPE should then be placed into a sealed plastic bag, keeping the off-gassing PPE away from passengers and self. DQE’s full selection of decontamination showers are also available here. The exposed areas of the body (neck, face, arms and hands) should be wiped off immediately following the removal of PPE.

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling with Hose image

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling with Hose

$59.00 - $87.72

Reduces a 1.5" or 2.5" NHT fire hose to one standard male garden hose fitting. Available As Fire Hose Reducer Coupling 1.5" with Hose (HM208) Fire Hose Reducer Coupling 2.5" with Hose (HM208-25) …

Round Scrub Brush image

Round Scrub Brush


Round brush with contoured handle for a comfortable sure grip and strong cleaning action. This multi-purpose brush can be used in suit and equipment decon. Available As Round Scrub Brush (HMS521) …

Decono Shower image

Decono Shower


The Decono shower includes just five parts, but is constructed with the same high-quality workmanship and materials as all DQE decontamination systems. The top shower head of this hazmat shower can be…

Grip-and-Spray Nozzle image

Grip-and-Spray Nozzle


An excellent choice for equipment decontamination and aggressive wash down. Available As Grip-and-Spray Nozzle (HM213) Specifications Grip-and-Spray Nozzle (HM213) Compact and light weigh…

Fan Spray Nozzle image

Fan Spray Nozzle


The gentle but effective drenching fan pattern is less aggravating over sensitive areas of the body. Available As Fan Spray Nozzle (HM214) Specifications Fan Spray Nozzle (HM214) Compact …

Disposable Washcloths image

Disposable Washcloths


Soft, absorbent washcloths for use in decontamination and mass care events. 40 washcloths per box. Available As Disposable Washcloths (HM706) Specifications Disposable Washcloths (HM706) Ma…

Tool Brush image

Tool Brush


Stiff-bristled tool brush for decontaminating hard to reach surfaces. Excellent for cleaning respirators, helmets, monitors, or other hazmat equipment. Available As Tool Brush (HMS1523) Spe…

Compact Water Supply Hose image

Compact Water Supply Hose


The Compact Water Supply Hose is a 50' hose that collapses and rolls for easy, compact storage. Includes waterproof mesh storage bag to contain hose coil, while allowing for faster drying. Available …

Six inch flexible containment pool image

Flexible Containment Pool - 6"


The heavy-duty 22 oz. vinyl fabric is highly resistant to tears and punctures, folds up compactly for storage, and can be decontaminated for reuse. These extra deep berms resist most low concentration…

Body Wipes image

Body Wipes


These polyester blend washcloths will cleanse without the use of water to remove dirt and grime. Available As Body Wipes (CTMC40053) Included in the Hygiene Package (RHK4000) Specifications B…